Story 1

I don’t really know her.. I’m aware about her presence but only get the chance to meet her recently.. Tu pun we barely say anything.. Just a normal hi.. But I heard about her story quite sometime ago… About her getting married with a non-muslim guy. So I asked the person that tell me the story.. How was the guy? I havn’t heard he’s converting or something.. And they said the guy once said, she’s the one who need to follow him…

They also told me that she came from a rural area that they practice Islam in a liberal way.. So they said wheather she follow him or the other way around it’ll be the same.. So that is what they say..

And yeah now there’re happily married and yeah.. I can see she’s happy…

Oh, did I tell you that she’s a very nice girl? Preety, quite nice girl… Just smile when people laugh laudly and stay close and descent with her husband..

Of course I didn’t ask her nor her husband about the truth.. Because they’re merely acquitance.. But if it’s true like what I heard.. I’m sad… I am so sad.. Whenever I look at her.. All I can think if it’s true what I heard, I feel so sorry for her.. For having to change the path and not having anybody guiding her..

Hmmm.. I hope it’s not true.. I don’t know.. Na’uzubillah…

Story 2

I know this family quite well.. The man is a Muslim and the wife is saudara baru.. They have kids.. But well things did not go well for them that they have to choose to not live together anymore.. I know the wife.. she’s a very very nice women.. kind hearted and the kids also is very very nice and humble.. I’m sad to know that i don’t have the chance to know them better and see them that often anymore..

I’ve been looking for them at facebook and Alhamdulillah I found them recently… They are far now.. They stay at a place where Islam is not a major practice..

Na’uzubillah but as I browse thru their picture I don’t really feel happy.. I can feel the sadness slowly creep inside my heart.. It’s hard to explain it’s even harder to write it here…

I’m so scared if things that I’m scared the most happen to them.. Na’uzubillah.. I know the wife.. she’s nice.. Let’s pray she and her kids will stay the same as when they left us..

Hmmm I don’t know if I’m making any sense here or not… I’m sorry if you don’t understand what write.. But I just want to ponder what I feel.. The sadness that creep inside my heart…

I hope what I heard and see is not the real truth.. And we can never judge the person just by that, right?



I am so tired. Lack of rest ever since few weeks ago. Now I know how Bojet feel. No wonder bojet so kurus hehe.

Okk. It’s 1.46 am now and I am still in the midst of packing for KK. I went out from the office at 8.00 pm today because I need to rush in to IOI to grab some stuff.. Well loadd of stuff acrually that I had spent 2/3 of the money allocated for the trip just for the prep!

I just realize that it has been agesss since I went for a proper vacation! I don’t even have a decent shirt to wear! Seriously. I have to buy t-shirts (t shirts ok, not fancy top whatsoever), sweat pants, sandals and nearly buy a sport shoes.

But knowing that it’ll only be used for a couple of hours, I decided not to. I saw along’s sport shoes in the shoe cabinet and I’m gonna wear that. Let’s pray it won’t fall apart the moment I start walking!!

I’m quite excited w the trip because I never been to Sabah and I really wanted to! So getting the chance to go there andddd stay in Nexus Karambunai is actually excites me! Hehe. But well let’s pray nothing will jinx it.

Oh anyway I could see that it’s wayyy wayyyyyy better and more fun if I go with my family or the darlings. Oh God eventhe teh-tarik Pengkalan Balak beach could excites my silly siblings and cousin, kalau dapat Karambunai tatauu lah nak cakap. It’s always fun with them hehehe.

Yeah it’s true what they sayy.. it’s not where we are, it’s who we are with… But anyway.. I will take this chance to relaaaxxx as much as possible and just enjoy…

Ok darlingsss I shall continue my packingg. T___T.

Later at 3 am baby darling gonna come and pick me up. Heyy I’m gonna miss you lah nanti 4 hari tak jumpa hehe.

Gedik tak?




Done packing!! Hehehe. The bag is huge okeh. Please lah my other collueges also bring bag that big. Hmm this time it’s better than my Bandung trip. My Bandung trip is crazy. I was so busy (hehe poyo gila ayat) that I never care what I’m gonna wear and what not. The night before my departure, I come home late and very tired. So I just grab one small beg, and put in any tops and jeans that is within my sight and reach. Never bother to search up and down… Then esok nya I bring my bag, put it in Iwan’s car and pergi office.. then couple of hours before departure, baru pergi LCCT.




End up I only bring like what? 1 jeans and 2 tops with 1 baju tidur. Haha seriously! tapi it’s Bandung kan so it’s ok lah. End up I buy baju there and wear it for the last 2 days. Hahahaha. I pack sooo light that my sister sumbat my beg into her lugage!! Haha imagine that!


Bangga gila dapat pack light. Padahal takde masa.


Tapi kali ni pun sama. The reason I had to go shopping is because they’ve been circulating the initirary since last month and tell you what, the activities needs 10000 of outfit. From swimming to jungle tracking to snokelling and even to museum visiting! Howww on earth I’m gonna pack light??!


Now saya mahu mandi sebab adalah sangat busukkk tak mandi2 dari tadi and Oh God!! It’s 2.30 already!


Haih Im gonna miss my mom. Gonna wake her up before I’m going hehheeee.




  1. Don’t make me hate you boleh tak? Because when that happen everysinglething that come out from your mouth will just annoy me.
  2. Well yeahh.. I guess it’s true.. Some people are born annoying and… RUDE. You bloody woman giving me instruction like I owe you my life. Bodoh.
  3. I hate people who complain too much lah. Complain here complain there. Do you know that complaining makes you more unhappy? Well yeah I complain but not like every single bloody time. Lagi² benda yang I cannot do anything about it. Haihh.
  4. Hmmm what if all the negatif anasir come from somewhere near you?  I don’t like it… I’m trying to build alllll the positive aura I have here, and all of sudden u come and ruin it all with your whine! Don’t complain too much la.. sometime (ok it’s all the time actually) we need to be grateful of what we had.. think about the good things that we have instead of the bad ones…

I know.. I knoww

I know it is still a loong way to go and nothing certain yet, except for the feelings that I have.. 🙂

But what I know is I want it to be very very pale pink on my side..with all my darlings and family in a colorful pastel colors… and I want it to be like a pastel candy land… Soft and sweet…

This is actually what I had in mind.. Just replace those cuppies with Us (Pray for Us, hehe), you girls and the Family.. :p

And I want it to be off-white at the other side.. maybe a touch of champange color will do…

and I want it all soft and flowyyy with a lil’ amount of volume.. Heee.

Ok lahhhhhh stop dreaming and please finish your work. Or else nothing will come true. Hehee.

Pardon me, ek?


This is very cliche but I still want to say it. I really really missed my friends!! My darling girls.. I missed babbling away with them and laugh over silly things.. and I want to hear and know what happen with their life right now… I want to know how Wanis cope with her work.. and Tiqah baby with her study.. I want to hear all that..

Ok.. this weekend I’m caught up with work.. Next weekend is the company trip.. hopefully after that I can meet them.. Well at least wanis, jit and nin.

and i sort of have plan for our holiday but let’s sort out few things first, then i’ll reveal to them.. hehe can’t wait!


Hey online banking is so cool you know! Hehe in my case it’s Maybank2u. Ok you see, this month my dad accidently buang our bil air. I havn’t see the bill and I don’t know how to pay it. Usually I’ll be fine because I know I can always pay next month and bulan ni I can joli extra rm100. Hehehehe. lepas tu bulan depan mati, biar Pel bulan depan yang fikir.

But not this time okk. Because I know next month I might need to fork out extra RM400 than my usual monthly expenses. Obviously it’ll disturb my cash flow and having bill overdue does not help at all. So tonight all of sudden I feel like log in my online bank account because I want to check how much money left in there for me to survive these 2 weeks. Hehe. Then suddenly I remembere that I had add SYABAS as one of my fav payee! Apparently for fav. payee, you don’t have to insert the bill no. anymoreee. you can just put in the amount that you want to pay and voila! It’s paid. Don’t even need TAC code. So hassle-free!

So I just randomly pay RM70 because I know the bill must be RM100++ tapi taknak la bayar RM100 hehehehe. Yeayyy I’m so happy so next month tak payah bayar bill double. I really love online banking up to the extend the first thing that I do once the pay is deposited is pay my bills. Heheh it’s fun. Just few clicks and you’re partly debt free. Isn’t amazing? Hehehe. Ye lahhh I sound very jakun I knoww.

Speaking of debt, I’m thinking of deducting my pay monthly for my PTPTN debt. It has been almost a year I graduated but I havn’t start pay my PTPTN. and if I didn’t do that sampai beranak cucu tak bayar PTPTN loan..

And these 2 weeks I have to be veryyy jimat cermat because I need some mooolahh to spend for my KK trip. Hee can’t wait!!

Alice in Wonderland

The only thing I like about Alice In Wonderland is :


  • Alice’s outfits.. Chanteek.
  • Anne Hathaway in the movie. Cuteness!
  • Tim Burton.


The rest of  it well hurmmmm, it’s kinda so-so. The movie is OK but not something that needs shoutout at my facebook or something. I’m not sure if you watch it in 3D it’ll be better or not. Well it might be better I guess. But frankly speaking I want it to be like Avatar. You don’t need 3D to be gripped at your seat. Hehe. Well I guest it’s because Johny Deep is in it so they can sell the movie already. Hehehe.

Suka tengok baju dia transform2 sebab dia kejap kecik kejap besar.

Road Bully!!!

I came accross road bully today! So jahat. Ok initially it is my fault. I was so distracted and un-focused when I want to change the lane. I’m on the left lane want to change to middle lane and the car is from right lane. Want to change to middle lane also.

Okk I didn’t notice the car and it was fast. So it almost hit my car and he give me a loonnngggg horn. Okkk I know it’s my fault and I’m ok with the horn. I got other thing in my head that I don’t mind the horn. But thennn, he (let’s asume it’s a guy) potong me and then his car is right in front of mine, and HE SLOWED DOWN. Slow down sampai 40 km/j mcm tu!

I know he want me to potong him so that he can curse me or something because by that time he already lower down his wondow and macam curse me with his hand. hehehe and I can see his friends (teka je.) pandang2 belakang. Yeeeee I know I almost causd an accident but I’m sorry ok??? Perlu ke nak bully aku kat jalan! I had enough problems to think ok?

But frankly I’m so scared actually. I scared that if I potong him he’ll like yell at me or something and it didn’t help at all since I can burst crying anytime without having him yelling at me! So I slowed down also heheheh. It was like so stupid ok driving at 40 km/j at the highwayyy. Mesti kereta lain pelik.

Luckily depan ada toll and I slowed down and after toll dia pergi lalu jalan lain. phew.

But don’t you think they’re jahat? They’re not supposed to slow down like that!!!! eeeeiiii jahat!

Geram sangat. dan takut jugak. Mana lah tau dia mafia ek apa bila aku potong nnt tiba2 dia tembak aku ke. eeii so scary!

Don’t bully me la. I know I’m not a good person and I just hurt the nicest person on earth. And the person that I love the most.

But on’t bully me lah..


Halal kah?

I was in the car with my non-muslim mates when suddenly they popped out topics regarding karaoke. They ask me weather I karaoke or not. So I tell them frankly that karaoke is soo my thing! Hehe. It’s like my family thing or something.

Then one of them suddenly said,

Oh really?? We should go karaoke together sometime! Btw is the karaoke near our office halal??

Hahahahaha yeah I know right!

Hearing the word halal really makes me stunned – don’t know what to say! Heehe. And err makes me thinking again, err karaoke halal or not? Huhuu.

Then I told them like I just go karaoke and sing and take soft drinks and eat things that I can eat and sure of. Hehhe. I think what they mean of halal is the food served. I don’t know, are there karaoke serve pork? Or maybe they think that erm I can’t go in place that serve alcohol or something.

Well yeah the topics is very subjective, I understand. It depends.. But I know the limit so hmm well I guess you got what I mean.

But the thing here is his question is really cute! Hehe.