In searching for happiness and success in this world or hereafter, sometime we have to go back to the very basic. As basic as taking care our our friend’s feeling..

Whatever that I posted here, in facebook and twitter, whatever that I said, if I ever hurt you, I’m sorry.

Because being hurt is definitely not fun. At all.

Gah! I wish I’m not like this. I wish I’m all fine and not affected by that thing.

But there are things that is just beyond my control. Like heart, for example.

May Allah grant me patience and strength to go through this… Because no matter how optimistic I can be, like I always said, at the end of the day, I’m just a girl..


Am i?

Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Memory problems – Checked, checked checked
  • Inability to concentrate – CHECKED!!!
  • Poor judgment – CHECKEDDDDDDDDD!
  • Seeing only the negative – Not so but I can’t think straight
  • Anxious or racing thoughts – CHECKED
  • Constant worrying – I’m at the ‘don’t give a care’ stage

Emotional Symptoms

  • Moodiness – YES YES YES
  • Irritability or short temper – YES
  • Agitation, inability to relax – YESSS
  • Feeling overwhelmed – YESSSSSSSSS WITH CAPITAL Y.E.S
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation – I seriosly dont feel like talking today
  • Depression or general unhappiness – YES. 😦

Physical Symptoms

  • Aches and pains – er no
  • Diarrhea or constipation – noo
  • Nausea, dizziness – tidak juga
  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat – YES YES YES
  • Loss of sex drive – errrrr
  • Frequent colds – bersin?

Jadi adakah saya stress?



Bahwasanya orang-orang yang berjanji setia kepada kamu sesungguhnya mereka berjanji setia kepada Allah. Tangan Allah di atas tangan mereka, maka barangsiapa yang melanggar janjinya niscaya akibat ia melanggar janji itu akan menimpa dirinya sendiri dan barangsiapa menepati janjinya kepada Allah maka Allah akan memberinya pahala yang besar.


Jadi berhati-hati lah.

Isn’t it beautiful? The way He guide us in living our daily life is just beautiful, and full of love, MasyaAllah..

You know we should look at this on the big picture. When we say promise, it’s included the promise that we made to our mom to do the dishes, promise to friend to meet her, promise to colleague to pass her the info, promise to boss to submit the task, promise to client to deliver. It’s everything..

So, when we know each word that we utter, is a promise to Him, we will be very careful in making promise to everybody!

And the most important is, our promise to Him, to be a good servant each time we had difficulties and yet we broke that promise everytime. 😦

What’s more beautiful? His promise to always be w us as long as we turn to Him, subhanaAllah…

The Logic

I had a talk w a good girlfriend today regarding marriage in Islam. First, she initiate the conversation by telling me, how her male friend explain why man cheats.

He said man will always be man. They lust over woman. Obviously what stop them is the Imaan. As much as we all want that in our life, it is not that easy. Syaitan is always there poking our heart and mind. So he said its the wife that doesn’t make the effort to look special for their husband that makes them want to find something else out side.

Yeah I know right? Alasan.

But then, he added. He said husband wants to feel special. He wants his wife to look nice just for him. He said he personally loves that so he knows he’s special for his wife. He’s the only guy that can enjoy the beauty and get the privileges.

Then it occurs to me, hey, that is what we actually have to do. That is what Allah ask us to do. One thing about Islam is, it don’t just ask you to do stuff. It comes together with the logic, the beauty of it. MasyaAllah..

That is the reason why we have cover up, be modest and decent. It makes sense. So yeah we’re all aunty outside but when it comes to the husband, put on all your nice silky lacey dresses! I will feel special if I have that privilege!

And marriage in Islam is so beautiful. Allah ask us to always please the husband, makes him happy, be all pretty and smells all good. Basically dressing up and what’s even better? You will get pahala for it!! I mean how amazing is that?! Pahala for dressing up,man!

I already mark that Laura Mercier sugar scrub that I saw at Robinson just now. 😛

I’m not married yet, yes I know and I may not be the right person to talk about this.. I know marriage is not easy and it require loads loooaadss of patience but its no harm to get our self prepared, no?

And this is a reminder for me too!

Of course being me, insecurities is always there. At first I was like, what if I did all that (and mind you, I need to do that in between running house chores, yelling at the kids asking them to go and take their bath and replying crazy work emails!) and still, the marriage hit the rock (God forbid)? Of course there will be frustration! But then we have to always always remember, do it because of Allah. So even when things didn’t turn like what we wanted it to be, InsyaAllah we will still have the strength to face it.

Yeah I know its easier said than done. But as I said, this is a reminder for me. So one day if I go all crazy whining over stuff, you guys can slap me and ask me to read back this entry.

After all its one of the usaha that we can do and Allah loves those to work hard.

So yeah, so to all husband out there, please, don’t make that face when your wife hinted on that RM400++ Annick Goutal’s perfume or that RM200++ Laura Mercier body lotion! It’s all for you!