Hey online banking is so cool you know! Hehe in my case it’s Maybank2u. Ok you see, this month my dad accidently buang our bil air. I havn’t see the bill and I don’t know how to pay it. Usually I’ll be fine because I know I can always pay next month and bulan ni I can joli extra rm100. Hehehehe. lepas tu bulan depan mati, biar Pel bulan depan yang fikir.

But not this time okk. Because I know next month I might need to fork out extra RM400 than my usual monthly expenses. Obviously it’ll disturb my cash flow and having bill overdue does not help at all. So tonight all of sudden I feel like log in my online bank account because I want to check how much money left in there for me to survive these 2 weeks. Hehe. Then suddenly I remembere that I had add SYABAS as one of my fav payee! Apparently for fav. payee, you don’t have to insert the bill no. anymoreee. you can just put in the amount that you want to pay and voila! It’s paid. Don’t even need TAC code. So hassle-free!

So I just randomly pay RM70 because I know the bill must be RM100++ tapi taknak la bayar RM100 hehehehe. Yeayyy I’m so happy so next month tak payah bayar bill double. I really love online banking up to the extend the first thing that I do once the pay is deposited is pay my bills. Heheh it’s fun. Just few clicks and you’re partly debt free. Isn’t amazing? Hehehe. Ye lahhh I sound very jakun I knoww.

Speaking of debt, I’m thinking of deducting my pay monthly for my PTPTN debt. It has been almost a year I graduated but I havn’t start pay my PTPTN. and if I didn’t do that sampai beranak cucu tak bayar PTPTN loan..

And these 2 weeks I have to be veryyy jimat cermat because I need some mooolahh to spend for my KK trip. Hee can’t wait!!


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