Fallen Tree


I saw a tree falling right before my eyes, today. I was downstairs, when suddenly I heard the receptionist screaming and when I turn, I saw a huge tree falling and hit the ground. And another 6 cars.



Thank GOD nobody’s there. Because I just can’t imagine if the tree hit on a person. Oh God. Nauzubillah.

..and I’m so thankful that I came in late today and I went out during lunch hour and park my car somewhere else because that exact spot is where I usually park my car. It’s like a miracle I can secure a spot right in front of the office entrance after lunch today or else my car will be one of the six cars that were damaged.



Haih.. So kesian my colleague. But of all cars, I feel like crying when I saw this…



I was so shocked. It’s not just another damaged car. I feel like crying right there and then because I know how the owner love the car so much. She love the car so so much. She call it her Ferari Merah. Knowing her, she can totally afford to buy a new car but she didn’t. And she always mention how that car brings back good memories.. she said she can still remember her dad used to bring her around in that car when she was small.. it was a sentimental value!

Can you just imagine, something you love so much, crash, in front of your eyes?


So saddd….

If it’s happen to me, ya Allah, I’ll cry a bucket kot.

But not her. A colleague call me up just now to check how she’s doing because he’s outside and he received MMS showing the picture of the car. He asked does she cry? Is she okay? He’s afraid to call her up.

She didn’t cry. I told him she didn’t cry. She just look at the car, with the sad eyes and said ‘Let’s settle this thing and go home..’

Strong women she is.


Paternal Love

I think being a mom is amazing.

Ok scratch that.

I think being a parent is amazing.

Yeah yeah I know you might go like ‘heehhh???? Mesti lah best statement apakah ini?’

I knoww I know but it’s amazing as in you wouldn’t realize that it’ll be that amazing until you be one.

Tsk cliché but true.

I was reading my twitter timeline when I stumble upon Ahmad Izham’s tweet regarding the daughter.

I find it so cute!! To read a father’s mind of what he think of his daughter. I always wanted to know what my dad think of me apart from I secretly think I’m his favourite daughter. Heheheeh.

Mesti macam best kan kita ada sorang manusia yang kita tengok dia dari kecik, besar sikit, sampai besar..and then someone who will turn to us no matter what, someone who is so close and so dear. And, someone who we know so much thing about her/him without she/he even realized!

I do think among the persons that know me best are my parents. And oh speaking of which, tetiba teringat satu cerita.

Cerita that will seriously touch my heart whenever I think about it. It’s about my dad.

There was this one time..I had a big quarrel with my (ex)boyfriend. It started (very very) small but ended up big. It so huge that it bugs me like hell. I was a walking zombie for more than a week. Yes, that’s long for me. When I’m in a relationship, the longest bergaduh period I can bear is 24 hours. Than that’s it. I’ll look for him again. So imagine it has been more than a week! No confrontation no nothing. Things were quite serious with us that time that I actually think that he’s the one. So of course my parents know about us.

So there’s this one day, that I can’t hold it any longer, I decided to tell EVERYTHING to my parents.

Ok. To the whole family actually. There was family gathering dan tak pasal² family gathering jadi sesi keluh kesah cik Pelah. -____-”

Yes, everything. Not only what has happen for the past 1 week, but EVERYTHING that I keep holding back for the past 2 years of our relationship. Things that I never tell them. In fact things that I never tell ANYONE. Things that I’ve been keeping to my self without realizing that it eat me up, slowly.

So korang bayangkan howwww I cried during that time. And all of them was like so shocked, included my dad. To cut the story short, I decided to end the relationship and let them know of my decision. They have to know because things between us has involved both families.

So I thought that was it. That’s it. Little that I know it hasn’t ended on my dad’s side. You know what he did?

One fine day, he actually call my ex and asked him, what went wrong! Ok if you know my dad, this is phenomenal. He didn’t do that often and when I found out about it, I feel like crying! I never know my heart break bugs him. Ok maybe one of the reason he secretly like my ex. -_-” anddd I know until nowwwwwwww, he wish that we get back together. Oh Ayah, sudah² lah tu. T_T

But really, the gestures, really touch my heart. And yeah they met after that. I don’t really know what my dad told him and what he told my my dad because NOBODY WANTS TO TELL ME but yeah, even it didn’t work-out, saya adalah terharu. I never know and expect he will do that.


Seriously, I am far from being a good daughter. Instead I’m such a spoil brat yang semakin tua, semakin mengada but I reallly try my best to make them happy. Maybe I never said I love you ke apa (haha kalau ckp komfem mak macam ‘hehh? apesal ni?’), tapii mak dan ayahhh sila lah tauuu, i love you so very much okay? I hope you guys feel amazing being the parents to us, the kepoh girls. Oh well I know you do. You two will sulk big time if I had to work on weekend! Heh heh heh.

Day 30 – A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I know righttt.

Soo suka hati kan bila nak habis kan? This has been day 3000000000, not 30th. Hihihi. So anyway, let’s finish this!

Sleepy and make-up less me, today

Segar dari ladang tau gambar ni.

So three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

  1. Finally manage to overcome the addiction towards Facebook. Well at least for now. 😛 I deactivated my Facebook and I find it quite calming.. Except for the fact that I left behind a little bit on family gossips because family members gossips at Facebook nowadays but still, I find it good.
  2. Manage to control my eating habit and improves it a little bit. I’ve been doing this for quite sometime actually and I’m glad to say that I rarely took carbonated drink nowadays and I drink low-fat milk instead of full cream! Well, that’s an achievement for someone who’s sweet tooth and love anything creamy like me!
  3. Ahh there’s one more..1 more that actually happens within last 30 days and I’m so grateful that it finally happens.. Too bad I can’t share it but lets just say, it is something really good and Alhamdulillah that Allah has chosen me. 🙂 I hope it stays…


it works!!!!

I have a new method of controlling my money!!

You see, I have a severe problem of managing money. Oh God wait, I hope there’s no any bank officer read this because if they does, mati aku apply loan mana² pun tak lepas.

Ok back to my problem. Keluh kesah bersama kak Esah. Yes, I can’t control my own money. Every month after I get my pay and paid all the bills, I will stare at the bank website while thinking, what else or where else I can spend because apparently online banking is my another hobby apart from leaving things behind. Yes. I feel content doing online banking because it feels like you don’t have to fork out money but all of sudden all your bills settled!

Oh ok. Now I also hope bosses don’t read this because then they will say ‘how on earth I could employ such a bimbo?’


Then 3 hours after that I will go to ATM machine and withdraw my money and think who else I owe. You see, I’m so bad at math that it has affect my life. Let say I owe mom RM120, I will sum it up to RM200 instead of RM150 with the reason, oh alang² dah withdraw, keluar lah banyak sikit kot² nak isi minyak ke.

Yeaahh rigghttt. What usually happen is, after I pay that RM120 to mom, another RM80 also gone entah ke mana. So tomorrow I end up queuing at ATM machine again and withdraw money again. -_____-”

Sometime at the end of the month when I look at my bank statement, I made withdrawal like every alternate day!! And all the money gone! Don’t ask me where it go because I also don’t have any idea. Living in Malaysia nowadays can be very expensive, huh?

And, please don’t say why withdraw sikit²? Withdraw sekali banyak la. Heh. The same thing will happen. Oh no. It’s worst because the next trip to ATM, I will not have any money to withdraw anymore. THIS is why I don’t have credit card. Yes I don’t have credit card. It look soooo fun to have one because you just swipe swipe swipe and ta-DA! you have a new shoes, tops, bags and hand phone even! Best gila. Butttt if you give it to me, memang bulan depan pergi kerja naik kereta kuda sebab duit semua dah habis bayar hutang credit card.

You see, at first, I’m blaming my small pay and (konon) big responsibilities that cause severe broke-ness after 3 days getting salary. But the other day I did one honest calculation with Sujit baby of where my money goes and all and truth reveal, I’m just spendthrift.


It sucks you know not knowing where your money go. If I buy something ke, takpe lah jugak kan. Inii, tak tau duit ke mana. Bankrup lah mak macam niiiii. Eeiii. Stress.

Usually what will happen everytime I want to buy something, I will said ‘ahhh beli je laa. Duit ada lagi tuuu’ ia nya seolah² kalau boleh naaakkk jugaakkk habiskan duit tu! tapi selepas sedar diri, starting this month, whenever I feel like buying something, I’ll chant ‘Don’t buy, u’re broke. don’t buy. u’re broke’ I keep thinking that I’m broke and I can’t survive this month and I should save money.

So today I checked again my bank account to see how much money left for me to survive and it turn outttttt, it is more than what I expected! 😛 I’m not that broke afterall. Heeeeheeeeeheee *evil smile*.

So I’m telling you my new method of controlling my money, WORKSS!!!


So now come the dangerous part. Since I’m not that broke, this devil inside me can’t stop whispering and ask me to use the Vincci voucher that I have. Damn you lil devil. Pergi kauuuu jauh² sana!

Soooo, starting from now on, I will use that method and I hope I’ll end up richer. Please God.

Sort it out, baby.

I’m in the midst of sorting my life out. As much as I don’t want to sound like ungrateful brat, but there are things that I’m unhappy of so I’m taking few measures to make my self happy again.

Thing is, nothing in this world is in our sole control. All we can do is try hard and pray as hard as we tried. The thing with life is, you need back up plans. I seriously wish that my Plan A will works and if it didn’t I will seriously be heart broken but then come again to the question of life, we can’t get everything that we want.

So I also have my Plan B and Plan C. But still, I want my Plan A. I’m praying real hard now.

Ahhh if 1 person come and ask me what makes me happy, and if I get it, will I be complaining again; me my self also won’t sure of the answer..

Manusia, tak pernah cukup.

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Day 28 – In this past month, what have I learned?

I have learned that;

  1. If we pray hard, Allah will grant our wish.
  2. My daily task is important and it could be suicidal if I messed around with it but once in a while, all I need is an escapade and go somewhere nice and not think about it at all. Even at my busiest time.
  3. Doing works in the comfort of baju kelawar is way way better than stuck in the same place for more than 12 hours.
  4. Allah listen.
  5. I need to know what I want and just go for it regardless of what people think and said.

Day 27 – What kind of person attracts me?

Ahaa I like this.


I’m not saying I’m picky when it comes to choosing friends let alone life partner. It just that, I’m quite picky and choosy when I need to choose who I can trust. Because when I’m close to someone, I tend to share quite a lot of things so I really really need someone who I can really trust.


Alsoooooo, I can get annoyed easily. Jadi perlu sedikit berhati2 disitu.


When it comes to friends, I’m comfortable with a simple person. Simple, baik hati and positive person. Ala tapi semua pun suka macam tu kan? hehe. Simple as in takde banyak sangat syarat dalam hidup dia. Syarat asas macam tak suka nak bersesak2 dan berpanas2 tu takpe lagi sebab selaku awek perasan diva dan mengada, aku pun macam tu sekarang. Hihi. Ni syarat2 extravaganza contohnya macam kalau makan sawi tu kena potong 2″ setiap satu, kalau nak jalan kena bentang carpet emas dan lain2 syarat yangggg boleh buat aku lemas dan rimassssss.


Serious. Aku rimas dengan orang banyak syarat. That explain why I like simple person. And I’m not comfortable with whiner also. and i like to be around positive people. People that always see the brightest side of everything even how suck my situation is that time. They positive but at the same time they tell me what I should heard. Not what I need to heard. If I did something wrong, they tell me it’s wrong because I’m just plain stupid that sometime I can’t differentiate those things.


Annddd, for a guy (hihi), what attracts me usually is their personality. Ok cliche enough. Let me explain. It’s always their maturity that caught me. It explains why my exes are usually 5-6 years older than me. Yee, I suka orang tua uolls. Tapiii sekarang aku telah belajar juga tua tak semestianya matang. -_-”


The maturity, the responsibilities, the honesty. Honesty not only tidak mempunyai banyak bilangan GF pada satu2 masa, ia juga merujuk kepada how he portray himself. Dia pretentious ke tak depan aku atau dia hanya menjadi diri dia sendiri and still, I love him for that.


Also, I love someone who can guide me TAPI bukan paksa2 aku buat ikut cakap dia. I can be the mosttt obedient partner IF you know the right way of doing it. Or else, memangggg 1 benda kau cakap pun aku tak ingin dengar. Hihi banyak syarat tak? Padan sampai sekarang takde orang nak. -_-”


Anddddd, one more brownie (topped with ice-cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce and nuts) point for a guy to attract me is, if he have the love for art. I tend to fall for that kind of guy sebab walaupun Pendidikan Seni saya dulu selalu C dan Khat juga tak pernah lebih 6/10, saya adalah seorang yang menghargai seni.


You know what, sometime when I’m all alone and I think of all the things that I want in a guy in order for me to fall for him, he can’t be rich and/or good looking because if he is, he’s not a human. That’s too perfect already. No no no. Nobody’s perfect.