2 sekali

Ok haven’t done this for ages.

Read Jaja’s blog and I am surprised that she finally updated her blog!! After a year, Ja!

Came across this post and I’m like, Jaaaa kite samaaaaa.

But to me cleaning is more like, stress relief. Like when I am so stressed up at the office, I just can’t wait to get home and clean my room. Even if it’s late at night. Because the feeling of looking at cleaned vacuumed floor, new bed sheet, empty laundry basket is just……priceless. Boleh tersenyum² sendiri.

Now I will try my best to do my laundry on Friday night. So that when I wake up Saturday morning, my laundry basket has empty!! What a nice way to start a weekend because so that you know, laundry basket is the first thing that will come to my sight once I open my eyes everyday.

Like this morning, I was frustrated with few things so as soon as I am done with my prayer, next thing I know I am already decluttering my wardrobe, re-arranged my stuff, throw away the garbage…on a Tuesday morning. If it’s not because of the early meeting I had, I’d probably do my laundry as well.

And I leave home as a happy girl this morning all praise to Allah. 🙂

So..yeah… I totally get Jaja’s feeling of seeing things are in order.

You know what’s better? Coming home to a wangi-cleaned room after a long tiring day. Now I know the feeling of a husband.




Just Because

It’s too fragile thus it needs extra security.

Susah? Memang lah. Susah sangat. Tapi mujahadah memang lah susah. Kalau senang tak panggil mujahadah. Dia panggil…ermmm…makan kacang?

Takpe, susah macam manaa macam manaaaa pun, Allah ada. 🙂

Plus ustaz kata berapa lama sangat lah nak tahan, 70-80 tahun je kot. Itu pun kalau sempat.

So….gambateh! 🙂