1. Don’t make me hate you boleh tak? Because when that happen everysinglething that come out from your mouth will just annoy me.
  2. Well yeahh.. I guess it’s true.. Some people are born annoying and… RUDE. You bloody woman giving me instruction like I owe you my life. Bodoh.
  3. I hate people who complain too much lah. Complain here complain there. Do you know that complaining makes you more unhappy? Well yeah I complain but not like every single bloody time. Lagi² benda yang I cannot do anything about it. Haihh.
  4. Hmmm what if all the negatif anasir come from somewhere near you?  I don’t like it… I’m trying to build alllll the positive aura I have here, and all of sudden u come and ruin it all with your whine! Don’t complain too much la.. sometime (ok it’s all the time actually) we need to be grateful of what we had.. think about the good things that we have instead of the bad ones…

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