Run? Nope!

At this point of time the only thing I want to do is just to be alone. With Him. And cry.

Soooo many things rumbling inside my mind. Ya Allah..

Wallahi there are so many things that I want to ponder but my fingers just stop the moment it reach the keyboard.

Overwhelmed, maybe. I am not complaining tho. In fact I am very grateful to be chosen to walk on this path. 1000 things may run concurrently  all at 1 time and it could gets reaaally tiring but well, that’s all life is all about, kan? It’s a place for test. 

Mungkin Allah tarik rasa utk meluahkan semuanya pada makhluk supaya mengadunya aku, hanya pada Dia. Hanya pada Allah.

Because it is only Allah that will open up the road, when it seems like a dead end. 


Only Him. 


Only Allah.