Just as you are

If there’s a movie that I could watch over and over again, It will definitely be Juno.


and if there’s a quote that I could remember until now, would definitely be this;

Mac MacGuff: Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.

It hit me right when I watched the movie for the very first time circa 5 years ago. And it still hit me hard,now.


Of Sadness..

Nadia selalu pesan. Kalau sedih nangis je lah. Apa masalah nya. Kita manusia, ada perasaan. Menangis bukan beerti lemah.

It’s just letting it out. I usually will say the same thing when someone came to me and said she’s sad and feel like crying.

Just cry. Let it out.

In fact I will do the same thing. Cry. Let it out. Take a deep breath. And move on.

Tapi biar menangis dengan cara yang betul. Kalau perlukan perhatian seseorang, biar dengan orang yang betul. Biar dengan orang yang akan membawa kesedihan tu untuk kita lebih dekat dengan Dia.

Better still, cry to Him. The more we cry to Him, the lesser we cry because of the creation.


Just imagine. Kita mengadu pada yang tahu semuanya. Yang tahu apa yang terjadi. Yang tahu kenapa ianya terjadi. Dan yang tahu apa akan jadi selepas tu.

Kita tak tahu. Kita mungkin tak nampak hikmahnya sekarang. Tapi kita tahu Dia tahu. Kita tahu Dia dengar. Kita tahu Dia akan pimpin tangan, dan tunjuk jalan keluar in a most beautiful way.

Maybe there are times when we start to question, why? And we wish to turn back the time. Ya Allah. And yes I do feel that way sometime tapi kena selalu ingat. Instead of asking that, baik tanya diri sendiri, kenapa, dengan semua nikmat yang Allah beri, tapi masih banyak ingkar suruhan nya. Why?

Ingat, apa juga yang berlaku, semuanya dengan izin Allah. Setiap manusia yang hadir dalam hidup kita, semuanya Allah yang hantar. Dia pun tak minta untuk datang. Semuanya bersebab. Ada kawan pernah pesan. There is no coincidence in life. Everything has been planned.

Jadi sebelum bersedih atas 1 saja perkara, ingatlah 1001 nikmat yang Allah beri, dan sebab untuk kita bergembira dan bersyukur dengan hidup ini.


…dan semua ni, hanyalah monolog untuk mengingatkan diri sendiri. Yang jauh dari sempurna. Yang tak lari dari membuat kesilapan. Dan yang berdosa setiap masa.

Of Sabr

“..Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami berikan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan serta menggantikan kejahatan dengan kebaikan; orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan (yang baik)”

Surah Al-Ra’d (13:22)

Have you forgotten the beauty of patience, Fadilah?

Of Syawal

Raya was good Alhamdulillah.

Along is not with us but all and all, still awesome. Hehe. Hanging out w whole bunch of family members is the best. Be it raya or not..

It’s 2nd Syawal today. But you know, come maghrib yesterday, I’m actually missing ramadhan already. I mean the rush of iftar, getting ready, terawikh.. Rindu! I know the key now is to keep the momentum. Ramadhan or not. To stay istiqamah.. To keep reminding my self all the thing that I used to remind my self during Ramadhan. Oh may Allah make ease!

Anyway. What’s funny is, just like last raya, I might need to play the same game this year. The waiting game. There are times when I just can’t help my self not to think and wonder, how come the storyline is very much similar? But then I always believe, there must be reasons, in fact beautiful reason behind all this. Plus it’s not just merely wait. There must be something that I can learn through out the way. So…whatever the answers may be, it’s definitely for the best.


Soooo…you guys raya elok-elok okay? Selamat hari raya, minta maaf kalau ada terkasar, tersalah bahasa ya?


…so it’s the end

Tomorrow InsyaAllah is the last day that we fast.

Had my last terawikh for this ramadhan few hours ago, with Nin darling. 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

So how was your Ramadhan? Did you achieve your Ramadhan goals?

It was already halfway that I realized I need to have Ramadhan goals. didn’t set any. But I have this Ramadhan…dreams.

Two major things are to finish Quran during Ramadhan and not to missed tarawikh.

..and no I didn’t achieve both. 😐 I’m still (reaching) halfway w my Quran and there are nights where I missed tarawikh. 😦

I was a bit down few days ago, thinking about how Ramadhan reaching its end, and have I done enough? Will there be another ramadhan for me? Also thinking bout all the Ramadhan that I have neglected previously. 😦 😦

But then again, looking back, masyaAllah there are so many blessings for the past 29 days and subhanaAllah how Allah has made it easy for me.

First I just have to say, my work. I was really nervous when Ramadhan approached because knowing my schedule, I’m just afraid that it will pass by just like that with me spending most of my time at the office, just like any other years. 😦

But subhanaAllah, things were quite smooth. I mean it’s pretty hectic that for weeks I only had 4-5 hours sleep but helps never seems to stop. Crazy deadlines postponed, sweetest bosses, understanding colleague.. that made things whole lot easier. There are also time where I’m at my busiest working on the most important proposal for the company, and I’m soooo tired and that is when I got my menses. I mean… talking about timing huh.

..and then those iftar dates w d girls, are just the best. Well Alhamdulillah I got to meet most of them for iftar and I just love it how it usually ends w terawikh date together. It’s amazing you know. To prostrate together w the people who you care so much. The feeling is different. It is much much better than spending hours over lavish buffet spread at 5 star hotel.

Like there’s this one day when I have the sudden urge to meet Jaja. So I just grab sandwich and drink, berbuka at her house, go terawikh, came back and had our talk on her couch and I went home with a smile on my face. How simple things can really make your day.

..and then moment when I’m walking w mak to surau.. moment when we finished our prayer and I salam and kissed her…moment when mak will busy looking for me when ever kitorang terpisah pergi saf lain ke apa (hehe yes mak cute like that! nakk jugak sebelah2).. but then those are the things that made me so grateful that Allah s.w.t grant me day after another to be in this world and breath His air. ya Allah syukur…

What a month.

I hope this feeling stays…for the next 11 months, until the next Ramadhan, jika di izinkan Allah..

And I just pray that may Allah forgive all our sin, may Allah accept our ibadah, and may we are among of those who get His bless and rahmat.


Ehe soo drama lah this entry but I couldn’t help it! It’s been a while since the last time I write so pardon me ok? Well next entry will be the cheerful raya version one okay! Hehe.



I think I posted this before somewhere in this blog. Or facebook. Can’t recall but I’m posting it again since this song never fail to lift me up whenever the struggles come.

Beautiful lyrics tho. Remind you to keep going, no matter what are the hurdles you face in life.

First, because there’s always, always The One who know, understand and helping you out. And will always showered us with enourmous blessing no matter how screwed up we are.

You know when life get tough, just keep walking. Really. Just keep walking and remember that this is not the end. Of course it’s not. The end is the hereafter. There’s something better awaits, provided we really strive for it.

So..yeah. Just take a deep breath and keep walking.


Aaanyywaay. Ramadhan is ending very soon. 😦

Tak tau ada tak next Ramadhan for me. I just love it because every time one is about to commit something bad, it’ll be ‘ehh don’t! I’m fasting, it’s ramadhan’

Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s pray that may the spirit stay in our heart, be it Ramadhan or not.

It’s the final 10. It’s time to work extra hard. May Allah grant us His blessing so we’re able to finish this holy month in the best manner..

Lepas tu boleh raya!




Guard it well

Once the heart is restored, it can come back to balance and its’ created purpose: to know and love its’ Creator more than anything else. Such a heart will regain the ability to give again to the creation, but this time in a healthy, selfless, and less dependent way. The heart will be able to give for the sake of the One it loves most—not for the sake of the self (nafs).


But give rightly.


But only what rightly lives and belongs in that sacred land inside your chest.

Once this balance is regained, your heart will be able to see, love, give, and take in the right way.

Your heart is your true eye.

Your heart is the master of the body.

Its’ purpose is far too noble to go unrealized.

Its’ palace is far too precious to go unguarded.

Guard it.

And guard it well…because every created thing yearns to fulfill its’ purpose.


By Yasmin Mogahed.