Quran Weekly



Peace be upon you.

Well…if there’s a channel on you tube that could make me watch one video after another is definitely Quran Weekly.

MasyaAllah it is sooo good. Comprises of short tafsir videos, it can really enhance our understanding of Quran better. Plus I love how they relate with the current issues which usually are our daily struggles.

Feel like sharing few videos that I love…and hope you guys earn the benefit as much as I did..


May Allah bless all the people who put their effort on this… The love that they have for Allah..subhanaAllah..


The 8 to 5

Meeting the crazy bunch tonight.

I used to say (or write, somewhere in this blog, maybe) that colleague will stay colleague. No personal stuff, no meet ups outside.

But oh boy. How would I know I will end up at a place where I actually look forward to meet these crazy bunch. I used to have a very good team, be it work wise or untuk bersuka ria. Our department is always the loudest. Paling kuat bila gelak, dan paling kuat dalam meeting juga.

Brainstorming is always fun. Yes we’re young, we’re inexperience and we’re trying to build something from scratch and that’s the fun part. Meeting is as simple as turning our chair and discuss. And the corporation is just amazing. Help is always there even the name is not in the cc loop.

I thought working is like that. I never realized that it is actually not, until one by one left the company and new blood came in.

And it’s just not the same anymore. It’s still fun, but just not same.

And I never realize that I will actually missed them until we don’t see each other everyday anymore.

apparently it’s not just colleague. Yes we fight, we disagree. Well, like a lot. But there’s this spirit, that hold us together.

And it turn out I’m not the only one who feel this way when my boss came the other day and said;

‘I want the old team back’

…..to which I reply…

‘Ha tu lah dulu ada tanak jaga! Kan dah lari semua!’

Hehe. Komfem menyesal mamat tu buat statement feeling².

But yeah people have to move on. For various reason. But I think it’s not impossible to gather them back.

One day.

Maybe not now. But maybe one day.


And I just couldn’t thank Allah enough for sending these amazing people, that made my 8 to 5 is not just punching in and out.

Monday Motivation

A friend gave me this just now. A very much needed indeed!


Jika terasa hendak merungut, berhenti bercakap dan senyumlah pada apa yang telah berlaku. Apabila anda senyum pada masalah, masalah akan senyum balik pada kita.

Terkadang anda sakit hati pada seseorang, anda benci padanya.

Anda geram dan marah, tetapi sayangnya yang merana ialah anda, bukan orang yang anda marah.

Yang naik darah ialah anda, kolestrol tinggi juga anda dan yang kena gout juga anda.

Segalanya kerana si dia tidak mengetahui anda sedang memarahinya. Untuk itu, senyum untuk kesihatan anda!

Untuk renungan pagi Isnin. SENYUM.

Soooo, smile people. Afterall is sedekah.



MasyaAllah this is soo true!

This has always linger in my mind.. it’s true.. the more you cover up, the more you will get the respect…even from strangers.

Even the guy at the toll gate and some male cashier will try hard not to touch your hand when handing the change.

You can walk w ease of your mind and heart because there’s no eyes looking.

I always said 1 thing. Don’t blame guys for looking, blame our self for not covering.

So my dear sisters, let’s work towards covering our aurat perfectly. One step at a time. Me my self still struggling..

I love how Sister Yasmin Mogahed once said, a good litmus test to see do we properly cover our aurat is before we go out, look at the mirror and ask our self “Can I pray in this outfit?”

But there’s one thing that we should always remember;

I just love how a friend always remind me, as much as we try to covering the aurat perfectly, it should run concurrently with perfecting the akhlak, the manners.

Biar cantik luar dan dalam.


Hang On

Another word of wisdom from Sister Yasmin Mogahed, taken from her Facebook page.

Allah hu Rabbi. Calming, as always.


“I’m sitting at the airport, waiting to board, en route to the holiest place on earth. Parting advice to you and myself:

Let go of your grudges. Let the bitterness die tonight. Make a decision today that it’s time to move on. And begin again. New, this time. Never forget that what has passed you by was never meant to befall you. And what has befallen you, was never meant to pass you by. Know that sometimes Allah withholds from you, in order to give you something better. Keep your heart focused on Him, and He will take care of the rest. And remember: you will stumble, but that’s part of the path. Keep going. Keep rising, and refuse to give up.”

Make it Worth

We’re just human. We’re not perfect, we’re not as independent as we thought. So the only way to do all the above with a sincere heart is, do it for the sake of Allah.

Do it with someone who Allah ask you to love..




MasyaAllah can’t wait! This is so exciting! Going there w my girlfriends is one thing. And to actually have Sister Yasmin Mogahed is another!

And it’s not just any girlfriends. It’s the girlfriends that has been with me through my thick & thin. It’s the girls that has seen me in my best the (soooooooooo) worst. It’s the girls that has seen me cry the hardest and laugh the loudest for God-knows-what reason. It’s the girls that I can talk about anything under the sun. That know my happiest moment, that know my darkest secret.


It’s the girls yang sayang sangat² lah!


Ya Allah. Such a blessing to have such friends. Really. Really.


Thank you, Allah. Thank You.

Chin up!

Every single day, everytime we wake up, it’s a bless that we still be able to breath the fresh air. Still be able to do good, still be able to repent and come back again and again to Allah s.w.t no matter what we’ve been through.

Life might not be bed of roses but stop and take a look of all the blessings! The health, the friends, the family, the food on the plate, the happiness and most important, the imaan.

To be able to stand up and pray is one of the greatest blessings from Allah.

Let’s us be grateful by submitting our self fully to the almighty Allah s.w.t.

And may His blessings always w us..



2012 started with a hope.

Beautiful hope.

So beautiful that although it’s far away from reality but still, it seems real.

But oh boy beautiful hope didn’t turn out how I wish it to be but how amazing, it ended beautifully also. At least for me.

At that point, for a while, i’m like, ookayy, so what’s in for me this year?

Actual plan is to get married and find a better job.

4 months has passed by and guess what? I’m counting days to celebrate my 3rd year with the company, stop sending out resumes and still very much don’t have any idea where’s the prince charming is. Haha!

How things has turn 180 degree kan?

Or 360 should I say.


Surprise after surprise never seems to stop.

Allah hu Rabbi.

All praise to Allah!

It’s like Allah is saying, ok I know thats your plan but let put that on hold for a while because I have something better for you now.

Like seriously.

I got to be in the projects that I always wanted to do.

Dreamy dreams started to step into reality world bit by bit.

All praise to Allah, I got to chance to visit places that I NEVER plan to visit this year.

Helps comes when I needed it the most.

And actually receive another unexpected good news today.

Ya Allah. Ya Allah.

Each of the occasion may look insignificant to others but oh boy did they know how that tiny little things mean so much to me. Like so much that sometimes during a meeting I seriously feel like smilling all alone because it’s something I wanted to do so much!

And I’m so so grateful it happened now, not 3 years ago, not when I’m not ready.

Allah just know the perfect timing.

With that, seriously, I’m so very excited of what the rest of the year has got to offer.

And I pray that Allah will make ease the journey, grant me the patience and strength and guide me so I won’t slip.


All praise to Allah.


Wife: Promise you won’t love any other girl ?

Husband: I can’t ..

Wife : So there’s someone else?

Husband: Yes she will look exactly like you but a lot younger and she will call you ‘mummy’ ♥ ♥ ♥