Halal kah?

I was in the car with my non-muslim mates when suddenly they popped out topics regarding karaoke. They ask me weather I karaoke or not. So I tell them frankly that karaoke is soo my thing! Hehe. It’s like my family thing or something.

Then one of them suddenly said,

Oh really?? We should go karaoke together sometime! Btw is the karaoke near our office halal??

Hahahahaha yeah I know right!

Hearing the word halal really makes me stunned – don’t know what to say! Heehe. And err makes me thinking again, err karaoke halal or not? Huhuu.

Then I told them like I just go karaoke and sing and take soft drinks and eat things that I can eat and sure of. Hehhe. I think what they mean of halal is the food served. I don’t know, are there karaoke serve pork? Or maybe they think that erm I can’t go in place that serve alcohol or something.

Well yeah the topics is very subjective, I understand. It depends.. But I know the limit so hmm well I guess you got what I mean.

But the thing here is his question is really cute! Hehe.


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