Wedding and such

How’s the weekend? Ehe kalau post hari Ahad/Isnin mesti nak tanya how’s your weekend??

Well anyway my long weekend is OK. I mean I got stuff to do but there are times that I feel boring. I don’t know.. maybe I am so get used of filling my time with something that few hours of staring at the PC or TV seriously kills meee!

So anyway I watched 2 movies this weekend. Hmm not bad. I wonder I feel boring gila yesterday and today hehe. Those are The Valentine’s Day and Niang Rapik. Hehee.

Valentine’s day is quite a nice movie.. Well it shows that there are nothing really things like true love happily ever after. It shows a real thing that happen out there.. All the liars and stuff..

Niang Rapik.. is OK.. I mean if you are really bored and have nothing to do and extra RM10, go and watch it.. it is not some typical cerita hantu di mana heroin nya hanya menjerit2 sahaja. This is more like sihir than just hantu. Seram or nott?? Hmmm hehe I’m such a coward so most of the time I covered my face with the shawl.. The hantu is quite scary.. and there are funny parts too! Hehehe so u’re not screaming all the way lah..

Ahaa. I attended my school classmate’s (Farhana) wedding as well! Well oh well I have entered to the friends’ wedding zone!! Previously wedding is only for relatives or parents’ friends.. but now my very own friends has started getting married. Hee. There are few wedding coming this year.. Which I know lah.. Yang ada nak kawin aku tatau, tatau lah kan hehe. Anyway invite meee! I am more than happy to celebrate your big dayy.

Farhana looks reaallyy stunning that day I can’t take my eyes of her. She really got the seri pengantin I tell you. Very berseri2.. The make-up was nicely done I’m gonna ask her who’s the make up artist. hehehe. And meeting up with old friends are good. It feels so great hearing somebody calling me Pelah. Hee.

Ok enough babbling. Here some pictures..

By the time i’m writing this there are like what, 2 people is reading this blog hehe but anyhow I hope your weekend’s great.

Hmm it’s sunday night, I have one homework to be done and thennnnn sleeep earlyyy. Hehe.

Happy Monday ya’ll.



There are weekly basket ball and badminton session at my office. But I never join them. Simply because I didn’t know how to swing the racket and bump the ball.

Today is the weekly basketball session.. As I see my colluege change to their shorts and all excited to go, I feel so jelous. No I don’t want to play basketball. I want to go swimming!

 And it reminds me to get ready a swimming bag complete with everything that I needs to swim. Must. Mesti letak. Wajib.

So everytime I got the chance to go home on time, I go to the pool straight awayyy! Hee.

Well yeah.. I need to lose some weight. Err ok I need to loose 9kg actually. That’s not some kan? Macam banyak je. Hehee. Control the food intake doesn’t work for me.. So I have to opt for sports.

Hmm ok so tonight I will pack my essentials and put it in my car.And whenever they have their basketball/badminton session, I can have my swimming session!

Hello there

New book. Ehe. Let’s pray this last because frankly speaking i missed rambling and this time, i’ll make this public. So I can share whatever I’m comfortable with you loveelyy readers hehe..

Why wordpress? Simple… because wordpress can do password protected entry (and I’ yet to find howw). Ehe so I will keep all the tad too personal entry away from your view. It’s not pleasent I can sure you.

But anywayyy, so here it is..