For the sake of sharing..

You know there are moments when you just one the person that you love being happy for you.. For what ever reason that makes you happy.. Just be there.. and share the happiness..

Because that is all she needs…



How to not get emotionally affected to your work when you already give your heart, soul, time, money, tears and sweats to it?

They said you need to be professional but come on we’re human being. After so much time you spend, after so many heart you broke then people still pass by like they don’t see you. I read a quote once about how they say don’t expect they realize your long hours working, just do your best. but what if the task needs the long hours? and all they expect is perfection..

haih i have my points but i really dont know how to get there. but one thing for sure it sucks to be invisible. its not that i want praises or whatsoever but at least give me chance to try la. Ni treat like you don’t see me at all. Like I’m not capable at all to do it.

and oh, it sucks big time also hearing complaints for someone who is already bloody lucky. Like hello? Please don’t mess with the bitch inside me okay?

Shittt I hate lah this feeling!!

Things can be good when you expect less..

Like these cute cuppies below..

I purposely bought that cupcake because it’s cupcake, and it’s cute. Seriously because I already lost hope for cupcakes when it comes to taste. Of many cupcakes that I tasted, only few that actually worth the money I’m paying for.

So this time I just bought it because I feel like eating and they look cute. Hee.

But oh boy I was so wronggg. Those cuppies turn out to be good! The vanilla one especially.. It taste just like good-old vanilla cake.. Reminds me of my childhood. I’ve been looking for that kind of taste for so long already. heehe.

So yeah.. good things come when you least expect it…



Currently I am in the midst of transition process. Adapting process. From the life that I can decide what I want to do, to the life where your decision is not so important anymore.. You still made the decision, but after considering 10,000 things and finally, you only get like 20% of what you want.

I think in the next 5 years I will look back and read all the 2010 entry and say, ‘what is wrong with this girl talks about work all the time like she’s the only one who works here’. Hehee. Well that is the whole purpose of this blog actually. To reminisce my past moment because God knows how forgetful I am.

But at some point somehow, it is a good thing. Because when somebody come and annoys me, I will get annoys and mad but couple of hours after that I sort of forget why he/she annoys me at the first place.. So lets keep this blog alive even tho it is all crap. Hopefully my son won’t find this hehehehe.

Hmmm what else to ponder. Oh. I’m afraid of commitment. I think I am just not matured enough to hold so many responsibilities. Working, being a daughter, friend and lover is a lot for me. A lot to think of. And I admit I’m not doing good in friend department also. I owe Mia, Nin and the girls a loadd of dates already.

Just…. give me some time, ok? Give me sometime to adjust my self.. to suit my self in this whole complicated life first… Let me sort things out… Let me find a way of how to juggle well.. Then maybe we can add more departments in my life. Hehee.


Like freakingly tired. wanna meet Iwan but tiap kali balik he fell asleep already.



I went to a curtain shop just now to look for curtain for my project when I saw this one gorgeous fabric for bed sheet. It was very sleek and silky and pretty! The colors selection are all nice and looks royally exclusive. The range are from shining royal gold to pretty pale purple to striking red. All the colors are so pretty that I don’t know which one to choose!

And it’ll cost me around RM700.00. Hihihi.

Berangan je la!

Tapi caaannntiiikkkkk!