Road Bully!!!

I came accross road bully today! So jahat. Ok initially it is my fault. I was so distracted and un-focused when I want to change the lane. I’m on the left lane want to change to middle lane and the car is from right lane. Want to change to middle lane also.

Okk I didn’t notice the car and it was fast. So it almost hit my car and he give me a loonnngggg horn. Okkk I know it’s my fault and I’m ok with the horn. I got other thing in my head that I don’t mind the horn. But thennn, he (let’s asume it’s a guy) potong me and then his car is right in front of mine, and HE SLOWED DOWN. Slow down sampai 40 km/j mcm tu!

I know he want me to potong him so that he can curse me or something because by that time he already lower down his wondow and macam curse me with his hand. hehehe and I can see his friends (teka je.) pandang2 belakang. Yeeeee I know I almost causd an accident but I’m sorry ok??? Perlu ke nak bully aku kat jalan! I had enough problems to think ok?

But frankly I’m so scared actually. I scared that if I potong him he’ll like yell at me or something and it didn’t help at all since I can burst crying anytime without having him yelling at me! So I slowed down also heheheh. It was like so stupid ok driving at 40 km/j at the highwayyy. Mesti kereta lain pelik.

Luckily depan ada toll and I slowed down and after toll dia pergi lalu jalan lain. phew.

But don’t you think they’re jahat? They’re not supposed to slow down like that!!!! eeeeiiii jahat!

Geram sangat. dan takut jugak. Mana lah tau dia mafia ek apa bila aku potong nnt tiba2 dia tembak aku ke. eeii so scary!

Don’t bully me la. I know I’m not a good person and I just hurt the nicest person on earth. And the person that I love the most.

But on’t bully me lah..



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