Best tak?

Was hanging out with husband last night when suddenly the baby kicks so I quickly show it to husband as it’s something rare that happen when he’s around. LOL. The baby can wrestle like there’s no tomorrow when we’re (the baby and I) all alone but as soon as the husband is home, terus senyap. Hahha. The baby loves me more, I keep saying that to the husband which obviously annoy him.

So anyway! Of course husband was so excited when he got to feel the baby move and see the waves on my tummy and all of sudden he asked;

Best tak pregnant?

Which without thinking long I quickly answered;


Oh wow masyaAllah. I am myself surprised with the answer! I mean…with the mood swings, whole-body-ache, being best friend with the loo, being fatigue like all the time….you know.. all the ‘perfectly-normal-symptom’ pregnancy woman have..

And yet I still think it’s wonderful. And forever grateful for this chance… Maybe then I shall complain less.. and just bear with the pain and all because obviously it ain’t for nothing. Allah swt will reward pregnant woman abundantly for everryything that they have to go through, insyaAllah..