Story 1

I don’t really know her.. I’m aware about her presence but only get the chance to meet her recently.. Tu pun we barely say anything.. Just a normal hi.. But I heard about her story quite sometime ago… About her getting married with a non-muslim guy. So I asked the person that tell me the story.. How was the guy? I havn’t heard he’s converting or something.. And they said the guy once said, she’s the one who need to follow him…

They also told me that she came from a rural area that they practice Islam in a liberal way.. So they said wheather she follow him or the other way around it’ll be the same.. So that is what they say..

And yeah now there’re happily married and yeah.. I can see she’s happy…

Oh, did I tell you that she’s a very nice girl? Preety, quite nice girl… Just smile when people laugh laudly and stay close and descent with her husband..

Of course I didn’t ask her nor her husband about the truth.. Because they’re merely acquitance.. But if it’s true like what I heard.. I’m sad… I am so sad.. Whenever I look at her.. All I can think if it’s true what I heard, I feel so sorry for her.. For having to change the path and not having anybody guiding her..

Hmmm.. I hope it’s not true.. I don’t know.. Na’uzubillah…

Story 2

I know this family quite well.. The man is a Muslim and the wife is saudara baru.. They have kids.. But well things did not go well for them that they have to choose to not live together anymore.. I know the wife.. she’s a very very nice women.. kind hearted and the kids also is very very nice and humble.. I’m sad to know that i don’t have the chance to know them better and see them that often anymore..

I’ve been looking for them at facebook and Alhamdulillah I found them recently… They are far now.. They stay at a place where Islam is not a major practice..

Na’uzubillah but as I browse thru their picture I don’t really feel happy.. I can feel the sadness slowly creep inside my heart.. It’s hard to explain it’s even harder to write it here…

I’m so scared if things that I’m scared the most happen to them.. Na’uzubillah.. I know the wife.. she’s nice.. Let’s pray she and her kids will stay the same as when they left us..

Hmmm I don’t know if I’m making any sense here or not… I’m sorry if you don’t understand what write.. But I just want to ponder what I feel.. The sadness that creep inside my heart…

I hope what I heard and see is not the real truth.. And we can never judge the person just by that, right?


2 thoughts on “Sad

  1. pelah.i think i know how u feel when seeing someone that we know change!especially change their Muslim lifestyle!it happened to someone that i know.sedih gler bler tgk gambar2 dia and jadi lg sedih once we know apa yg dia buat kat sana….nothng we can do except pray for them.hope 1 day they will back to where they came from!ISLAM!

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