Alice in Wonderland

The only thing I like about Alice In Wonderland is :


  • Alice’s outfits.. Chanteek.
  • Anne Hathaway in the movie. Cuteness!
  • Tim Burton.


The rest of  it well hurmmmm, it’s kinda so-so. The movie is OK but not something that needs shoutout at my facebook or something. I’m not sure if you watch it in 3D it’ll be better or not. Well it might be better I guess. But frankly speaking I want it to be like Avatar. You don’t need 3D to be gripped at your seat. Hehe. Well I guest it’s because Johny Deep is in it so they can sell the movie already. Hehehe.

Suka tengok baju dia transform2 sebab dia kejap kecik kejap besar.


2 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. i watch the movie because of tim burton ok. anne hataway aku dok ketawa je dekat dia. funny gila. watched it in 3d. gambar cantik…like avatar for me takde lah gila sangat pun.

  2. Yeah I watched it also for the sake of Tim Burton hehehe. Oh yeah I bet 3D is wayy better.. Anne Hathaway cute lah! Lagi2 dgn hand gesture dia tu hehehehe.

    Heyyy Avatar is the best okayy! I’m not a fan of that kind of movie but Avatar, I was gripped! Hee.

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