Mari Shopping!

Things to buy for my new workplace.

(well yeah I’m that jakun. Kasi can laa. hehe)

  1. Ribbon for my potted plant. Hot pink color. hee.
  2. Fancy magnets. And print out some (family, friends, love) pictures so I can look at them when somebody come and pissed me of.
  3. Thumb tacks.

Ok why all of sudden my list become only 3 items. It used to be so long. never mind. I’ll buy this one first. So baby, when can we make a visit to Ikea?


  1. Fancy access card holder. Saw Coach access card holder for RM160.00 on the net. is it worth it? Ke macam nak kena penampar pergi splurge RM160.00 for a access card holder? Heeee. Luckily the one that I saw is Monogram punya pattern and I don’t likeee.

So It’s New

So we moved to a new place.. Bigger and ermm better I guess. At least in terms of all the new stuff here. Everything smell new..

I got bigger workstation but like they say, our department is the smallest, the stuffiest and the most not-so-nice one. But the moment I stepped in, the only thought that came through my mind is ‘ouh, so it’s smaller than the layout I see on PC’. That’s all. No workstation color not match with carpet color, no ceiling to low. No nothing.

And today, after arranging all our catalogs and samples according to their category, I feel so happy! Finally we have our own mini library and it is well organized. At least our catalogs and samples are not mixed up anymore! yay!

And just now my boss handed me small potted plan cute sangat. I’m gonna tie up some ribbon to the pot hehe nanti lagi comel.

Well it’s not that hard to please me. Ok you choose to give us small space it’s ok. I can deal with it. Because rude bitch is wayyy worse than cramp workspace.I just don’t get it why people bother so much about our cramp place and give remarks like ‘this place is so ugly’

so it’s ugly so what? are you the one who gonna use it?

ahhh one more new place fun fact — It takes only 25 minutes to reach here! Wooot! Ok previous place took me 40 minutes ok. Now you know why the excitement.

Hee I Like!

Mom’s car broke down yesterday so I left it at the office for 1 night and today, dad came down to my office to buy a new battery and replace it and everything and then he left his car to me. And drove back mom’s car. Just to make sure everything’s fine with me when I get home today. Gosh being daddy’s girl is a pure bless. I missed being daddy’s girl.. When I met him downstairs just now with all the sweats, I almost cried.. Thanks Ayah..


Gila babi stressed out today.

Dengan masalah jiwa kacau nya, dengan masuk office selambak masalah datang nya.

sakitttt gilaaaa otaakkkk!!!!!

patience sudah senipis kulit bawang..

Bad Girl

I am typing halfway to an entry that leads to my complain of how other people are getting their commission except me and about to write how I envy for them to have the chance to have 5 figures saving in 2 years of working blaa bla blaaa when suddenly I realized, Gosh I should really be grateful.

I mean, it got me thinking, whyyyyy on earth la you complain so much? Instead of looking of what other people have, I should really stop for a while, and look at my self. What have changed.

A year ago, I am a girl who *ehem* :

  • Can’t bloody drive!
  • Tidak menshopping sesuka hati.
  • Nak makan secret recipe pun kena tunggu macam awal sem ke apa.
  • Tony Roma’s lagi la. Kena 2nd day dapat PTPTN baru boleh makan.
  • Know nothing about err partition and carpet? Ehe ok I don’t even know how to use the photostat machine.

But after a year :

  • Alhamdulillah now I can drive. *ehem manual lagi tau ehem* :p Subhan-Allah thanks to darling ayah and Iwan for having the patient and faith teaching me how to drive and let me sit behind the steering!!
  • Masih tidak menshopping sesuka hati (sebab takde duit) hehe tapiii Alhamdulillah, nak beli tudung sehelai dua tu adalah duit. Setakat tersasar terbeli kasut tu berlaku la jugak beberapa kali kannn.
  • Alhamdulillah, merasa la makan Secret Recipe bila teringin.
  • Alhamdulillah, at least once a month nak splurge Tony Roma’s tu merasa la.
  • Alhamdulillah, err at least now I know lah about carpet and partition and terror guna photostat machine ok!! Hahahaha.

I don’t know lah I am making a sense here or not but the objective is now to share with you and remind my self of how things have changed… and how I should be grateful and stop complaining and envy other people.

It is though journey here but all I have to do is to hang on. hang on hang on hang on! Orang lain lagi susah.

Fuh. Jadi bersabarlah dan redha dengan rezeki yang Allah bagi..

Dannnnnn please lah Pelah stop lah doing silly mistakes at work lagi!!

New baby

I bought a shoes. hehehehe.

The moment I saw the round-toe, the heels and the tiny gold plate at the back, I fell in love instantly!! Hee. It’s not easy for me to like closed-toe black shoes ok.

Don’t you think it’s sexy? it’s even more sexy once you wear it seriously. Ok lah kaki lebar aku ni tak sexy sangat la tapi please bayangkan kaki ermm Heidi Klum. Ehe.

Comfortable or not? Heee ok this is one impulse buy. It is actually last pair, and one of them dah kembang sikit. Jadi bila pakai satu kaki akan melecet sikit but what the heck. Looking at the picture alone already makes me happy. Yeah looks can be deceiving sometimes. Tapi come on people always been fooled by look. Thats is how Apple can sell their product.

hehe tiba² nak buat defensive statement pulaaak. Eh tapi I wore it to work ok. Heee ok laaa. I think I can wear it to mall but a total no-no to jalan² cari kain dekat Jalan TAR laaaa.

Hmm another attempt of looking for a practical shoes-TOTAL FAILURE.

Another attempt to draw a smile on the way to work – TOTAL SUCCESS!