• I’m not doing good at work lately and I hate my self for that. 😦 I have lost the passion. I don’t know where it went. Passion, come back. I still need you because I have to be here, whether you like it or not.
  • How’s your raya? Mine was so-so. My baju raya that I love and adore initially has make me looks like 5 month pregnant. I need open houses and kemeriahan raya.
  • You know what, if you pray real hard, Allah will grant your wish even though it seems impossible. It happened to me. 😀 So let us pray real hard.. SubhanAllah..
  • With what happen lately, I am so worried about everybody’s safety and security. We live in fear now and we’re not living in a safe environment anymore.
  • I have a lot to jot down but at the mean time, allow me to stop here.
  • Ok one more, I have tonnes of thing to do. The old me will stay and complete it until wee hours but tonight I wish to stop at 9.30. And I hate that.

The Dream Cake

I found the mold of my dream cake!! Hehehe. The thing is, the mold it self already cost RM170.00.

I won’t buy it because:

  1. I can’t bake. Duh obviously.

Ok that’s the reason. And even if I can bake, lepas tu nak buat apa pulak kan. Takkan everytime nak buat cake benda yang sama.

Now what I’m trying to do is to promote the mold to the cake baker and ask them to quote. Hihi. I hope they will take the mold as an investment because I’m sure after seeing the cute outcome many orders will come. You know, just like the barbie doll cake. 😀


Ok so now I’m hoping they will get back to me with a price that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. Because that cake is sooo easy to decorate! All that matters is the mold. Once u get the mold, all you need to do is bake the cake and sapu some butter cream and voila!

Wahh pandai kau cakap yeee. Buat tengoookk. Hihi. Seriously if I can bake, I’ll do it myself. Ohhh, as I’m typing this baru teringat, oven dah rosaaakk. Heehehe ok that’s make 2 reasons why I can’t buy the mold and bake the cake myself.

Super costly

I already calculated. To have a super-simple-and-look-so-cheap dream dress of mine, it’ll cost approx RM500. How can an effortless dress cost so much? I never spend anything that expensive on a dress previously and don’t know whether to do it this time or not. It is sooo not economical! But I love the outcome….. I can opt for a cheaper way and slash the price by half, but I don’t like the looks of it…


Speaking of expensive, and cheapskate of me, I bought my 2nd perfume at the age of 23 and regretted it. Same case. I never spend that much amount of money for a perfume. My first perfume cost me RM45 only. Since it is obviously an impulse purchase, and I actually can use that amount of money to buy the super comfy Adidas ballerina flat+Iwan’s super gorgeous kasut raya, I decided to keep the perfume for my God-knows-when wedding. 😛

So one hantaran kawin checked.Hihihihi.

Btw how long can a perfume last?   and owh. It smells so nice you know. But it’s ok. I got 7 samples so I just use it for the mean time. 😛

p/s – i really miss blogging.