That ‘lil surprise :)

It was rough and tough today and I kinda expected to be one once I woke up this morning.

I was so nervous my heart beats so fast knowing what awaits me at the office. I’m suppose to do some works yesterday after I reached home. But man, as soon as I sat on the sofa, next thing I know is it’s 3 a.m and I’m still in my work attire.


I seriously need to get it done with this 1 tender and God knows how I really need to focus and I can’t afford to multitask when I’m doing tender! I’m wayyyy behind schedule and all my ongoing projects just can’t leave me alone!!!

While I’m trying to complete as fast as possible all the chores so that I could start w my tender as fast as possible, that is the time where alllllllllll the people, suppliers,bosses are around asking for 101 God-knows-what. I was SOOO overwhelmed!!!

I’m trying very HARD to put at leastttt a straight face (instead of muka super hitam) and try to control my voice so I wont yell to anyone and the most important thing, I was trying really hard to hold my tears.

Then there’s this moment where I was talking to my boss, this colleague of mine came and put something at my workstation. She saw I was occupied so she just pat my shoulder and whisper “for you..”

Since I was talking I just look at her, thank her and have a glance at what she gave.


Being a blur case, I actually thought it’s a moon cake.


So I continue doing my works and it is just TOO much today that by 11am, I already trying to do works, answering call all with streaming tears. Like seriously.

Later in the late afternoon only I remembered to look whats inside the paper bag. I think I take a look because I’m hungry and I seriously thought there’s food inside.

But oh boy, it’s not just food!! It’s something wayyy betterr!

Look, look!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

Awwwww it is soooooooooo nice to receive something out of blue! And to top it all, WHEN YOU’RE SOOO STRESSED. It seriously bring a smile to my stressful Friday.

SubhanaAllah. :’)

Soo nice la her. I asked her why the present, she said ‘Saja je. Chocolate boleh makan bila stressed nanti’

Okay. I must have look like some grumpy aunty at work that people have to make some efforts to at least make me smile. Haha!

Sorry guys.

You see, I think yes lar. Because the other day when I was talking to my boss then he said ‘We should make a re-visit to Bombay Palace for another project dinner’. This is because whenever we see or talked about Indian cuisine, I will keep emphasize how Bombay Palace is THE BEST and no other restaurant can beats (He brought me to Bombay Palace once). Or at least those that I tried lar.

Theseeee guy know how to buy me T_______________T.

Anywayy, this, really made my day.

And I know it comes from the up above, to cheer up my day. SubhanaAllah.

Rasa malu pula.



This answers why.. :)

Why do I want to get married?

Because I want my eyes to see someone special, someone halal, knowing that he is my gift from Allah..

Because I want someone who loves Allah and loves me because He loves Allah..

Because I want somebody to share my happiness and praise Allah with me, someone to cry my tears with me and make du’a with me and someone to love and love Allah with me..

Because I want to have children of my own to love and care and share with a gift from Allah..

Because I want to share Allah’s beautiful creations and praise His name with someone who Allah has fated to be with me since I was born

Because, verily, with a halal partner, my life and everything I do with my husband will be halal in the eyes of Allah..


Source :

We Need

We need..

Architect that loves Allah.. that when he design, he will allocate enough space for prayer room. And he knows that ablution area should be INSIDE the prayer room.


Engineer that loves Allah.. when we construct, he will first think of the sustainability, the quality and he won’t bother w bribery.


Fashion Designer that loves Allah.. when she design, she will design to encourage all the sisters to cover their aurah.


Hair Dresser that loves Allah.. there will be a properly covered room at their saloon, specially for muslim woman.


Chef that loves Allah.. he will always ensure his dish is halal.


 Businessman that loves Allah.. honesty will be his top priority.


Allah loves those who work hard for the ummah. Allah loves those who is successful in this world for the sake of Him..

Let us all work hard, and make His’ bless as our main objectives, InsyaAllah. 🙂