How to maximize your productivity and stay focus for bloody 8 hours without getting distracted with your fatigueness. especially when it is already towards the end of the week.

I need to do that. I need to maximise my productivity and fit in as much things I’m able to do within that 8 hours. So that I don’t have to work extra hours. It’s not the OT that I care.. It’s the time with my family. I don’t want to live under one roof with my mom but end up only talking to her like 3 minutes a week. And seeing my baby sisters only during the weekend. I don’t want. I missed one hell big news already and I don’t want to miss another.

I love working but I don’t want end up I know more about what going on with my projects than my family. I don’t wantt. It’s too scary. Nevertheless I still need to maintain my work quality and productivity (yeahhh right! hahahahaah) because it’s my early years of working and it’s time for me to built it up..

And I actually need to learn that because I don’t want to stay single foreverrrr. later when I have somebody waiting for dinner at home and I still busy calculating door segala, howww??

Haih I know emak and ayah don’t like this. I think they think I’m one spoilt selfish brat. 😦

So sad lah like this!

Ok so the solution that I have to do is maximize my productivity to at least keep both things at a same level.. Because both are equally important to me…



I found the girls that I love to stalk at matrix back then on facebook!! Haha soo excited.

They’re super chantek and smart too! That’s the main reason stalking. Heeee.


I’m sitting for PTD exam tomorrow and owh man I didn’t read anything. I just flipped thru the offer letter just now and realized that I need to bring a copy of my degree and transkrip. I’m not sure whether I have it or nottt. Then I also need to borrow stuff from adik/kakak because i didn’t bring home any of my stationaries.

and since it’s already 12 am and I didn’t study anything, I start googling some info and oh man! the question is tough!

Haih 1000000000000000000000000000000 of people are sitting it and they only need like what, 8? hehe. Well just do what I can do though.

Might need to do a quick visit to 7e tomorrow to make a copy of the stuff that they need and grab a couple of 2B pencils.

Wish me and Sujit and anybody that’s taking the exam Good Luck!

Muahhhhhhh. (tetiba je)

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Is it really me?

It is totally find to get scolded for my own mistakes. My teacher once thought me to just admit my mistake and if I get scolded don’t get furious.. Because it is my mistake..

But when I had try my best, hold my patience, neglect my wants, sacrifies my needs… and still get scolded.. It’s just make me so so sad..

Just so you know.. I have my ego and I don’t like to be shout at… But when most of the time I choose to just keep quite and cry, that must mean something.. it’s either the love or the respect..

But I have my limit.. I have to show love and respect for my self also..

I had try my best.. my very best.. If only you know..