The Break

..that everyone deserve.

It has been crazy for the past 6 months. Like real crazy where the whole place including the people go haywire.

We had planned for our annual dinner since CNY and ONLY last Friday we manage to make it happen. Oh well as much as I couldn’t believe it my self, I’m one of the committee! As if I don’t have enough work to do.

Oh well but I’m only in charge for the lucky draw prizes so basically all I need to do is to provide a shopping list of all the things that we need for lucky draw. It’s fun! Every time I want to decide, I will put my self as the winner.  What would make me happy and make other person green w envy when I receive the prize.

He heee.

End up, I didn’t receive anything that I had chosen. -_____-”

But I still won something tho. Something that I, the committee only realized we have that on the day it self.

We’re allowed to go back earlier on the day because boss don’t want us to turn up w our super pale face and scare everybody that is trying to have fun on Friday night. Hehee.

And I, as the committee (which barely know anything about the event) need to turn up early also. Frankly speaking, to tell you the truth, I am so malas to go to the dinner.

First, I had a rough and restless week. So come Friday, all I want is to go home and sit on the sofa while holding the remote,forever!

Second, It’s Maharaja Lawak finale!!!! How can I missed the finale????

But well yeah of course I need to go. And I need to try my luck to win all the prizes that I have chosen, also. Hehe.

So with all the prayers that I won’t get lost and manage to be there in time and in 1 piece, off I go..

…and surprisingly, I had FUN!!!!

I tell you, the dinner is very china apek one. During planning stage, among the place suggested are hotels and posh retaurant but then all got rejected by the bosses because they said all of the guys will die due to suffocation sebab tak dapat hisap rokok.


It is true indeed. I just can’t imagine holding the dinner at a posh place. Tak boleh pakai budak2 ni. Memekak je kerja. Elok bawak kedai mamak je. Hehe. Which explain why Souled Out was chosen. And there were no proper MC or what so ever. We do have award show lah apa lah but all memang ala² contractor. Belasaahh janji keluar gambar. Hihihi.

My boss had prepared a slide show (which he claim as video -_-“) and the moment he play it, then only I realize, how I missed all those things, how those people used to be the people that I adore, how I used to have so much fun working and being with those people. It just that work has kill us all and we forget the fun part. Reminiscing all the memories made me realize that….I’ve been through quite a lot, here. Maybe it is just 2 years, but it is not JUST any 2 years..

So yeah…it’s really good to chill and unwind.

Tapi lepas tu Isnin stress balik. Mungkin tetiap minggu kena dinner. Hahaha.

Oh, anyway, mari lah tengok gambarrr. *tetiba.

The Venue

Mendapat Hadiah! 😀

The (real) crazy girls



Kan dah cakap…gila.. hehe

Dah tu jee..



That is how I look these days.




Ok. Maybe worst.




That is exactly how I look everyday. From the moment I stepped in the office and till the end of the day. The only moment I will usually smile and laugh is when I get home and the girls are still not asleep. Then I will smile and laugh to their daily school gossips and silly acts.


I just… don’t know why. I hope it’s the PMS but deep down inside I know it is not just the PMS.


Maybe I just missed my parents too much.


Maybe that.

KL Gangster – Sakit Otak Gua

Along treat us all for a movie yesterday and being an avid fan of Malay movie, guess what she choose?

Oh well yes, KL Gangster.




You see, not that I don’t want to support local movie scenes. I do. I watched almost all Mamat Khalid’s movie at cinema and I buy Astro First instead of pirate DVD okay.


But the things is, I had a super rough week last week. I still have to work on Saturday and rush to the cinema 30 minutes before show starts so the last thing I want to watch is people fighting!!! I want to watch Kungfu Panda. I need some love and laughter and happiness.


But yeah ticket bought so I grab some drinks, popcorn and hotdog, and enjoy my dinner while watching it…


…dan otak aku sakit lepas tu.


Let me tell you why;


  1. I think we had enough of scene berlari2 di Petaling Street already. Comeee onnnnn. Buat la JB Gangster ke Georgetown Gangster ke. New place already!!! Dah la aku rasa scene itu adalah exaggerate gila.Kalau la ada manusia lari2 bawak pistol dekat KL tu, memangggg takde orang dah laa nak datang Malaysia nih.
  2. What is with the slang la?? Let chinese do all that slang boleh? Dah la usage habis semua tunggang langgang. Pening aku dah sikit2 ‘maaa’ sikit2 ‘maaaa’ Kalau nak sangat lenkali cakap cantonese je terus.
  3. Shamsul, kau mengarah je la. Aku serious tak larat tengok kau berlakon cakap dah macam kejap melayu kejap cina. Untuk mengubati sakit otak aku, aku terus anngap je kau mix melayu & chinese. Mungkin make sense sikit.
  4. What is with the plot? Kejap nak cari family,kejap berebut kawasan, kejap berebut Aaron Aziz.
  5. I know it’s an action movie but can it be action packed and comes TOGETHER with a brilliant storyline?


It is sad you know because when I watched it last night, the hall almost packed. People are starting to support local movie scenes so directors,please, instead of the collection and all you business plans & profit,please also think of the quality. The art. Kata orang seni. Asyik self-proclaim orang seni but what I see you’re just a business man who prioritize the profit more than its quality.


Oh tapi credit perlu dibagi kepada Sofi Jikan & Adi Putra for their originality.

Ok especially Sofi Jikan. Kasi la apa pun, he rocked it like nobody business!!!! That’s acting okay Shamsul Yusof. That, is what we call act.


I pray pray pray that he’ll be more and more succesful and will have more and more money and chance that he will produce a movie and I hope it’s gonna be as great as his acting.


Oh, I mean Sofi Jikan, bukan Shamsul Yusof.


Shamsul, gua letih la tengok lu, maaaaa.


(Sakit otak tak?)