I am so tired. Lack of rest ever since few weeks ago. Now I know how Bojet feel. No wonder bojet so kurus hehe.

Okk. It’s 1.46 am now and I am still in the midst of packing for KK. I went out from the office at 8.00 pm today because I need to rush in to IOI to grab some stuff.. Well loadd of stuff acrually that I had spent 2/3 of the money allocated for the trip just for the prep!

I just realize that it has been agesss since I went for a proper vacation! I don’t even have a decent shirt to wear! Seriously. I have to buy t-shirts (t shirts ok, not fancy top whatsoever), sweat pants, sandals and nearly buy a sport shoes.

But knowing that it’ll only be used for a couple of hours, I decided not to. I saw along’s sport shoes in the shoe cabinet and I’m gonna wear that. Let’s pray it won’t fall apart the moment I start walking!!

I’m quite excited w the trip because I never been to Sabah and I really wanted to! So getting the chance to go there andddd stay in Nexus Karambunai is actually excites me! Hehe. But well let’s pray nothing will jinx it.

Oh anyway I could see that it’s wayyy wayyyyyy better and more fun if I go with my family or the darlings. Oh God eventhe teh-tarik Pengkalan Balak beach could excites my silly siblings and cousin, kalau dapat Karambunai tatauu lah nak cakap. It’s always fun with them hehehe.

Yeah it’s true what they sayy.. it’s not where we are, it’s who we are with… But anyway.. I will take this chance to relaaaxxx as much as possible and just enjoy…

Ok darlingsss I shall continue my packingg. T___T.

Later at 3 am baby darling gonna come and pick me up. Heyy I’m gonna miss you lah nanti 4 hari tak jumpa hehe.

Gedik tak?




Done packing!! Hehehe. The bag is huge okeh. Please lah my other collueges also bring bag that big. Hmm this time it’s better than my Bandung trip. My Bandung trip is crazy. I was so busy (hehe poyo gila ayat) that I never care what I’m gonna wear and what not. The night before my departure, I come home late and very tired. So I just grab one small beg, and put in any tops and jeans that is within my sight and reach. Never bother to search up and down… Then esok nya I bring my bag, put it in Iwan’s car and pergi office.. then couple of hours before departure, baru pergi LCCT.




End up I only bring like what? 1 jeans and 2 tops with 1 baju tidur. Haha seriously! tapi it’s Bandung kan so it’s ok lah. End up I buy baju there and wear it for the last 2 days. Hahahaha. I pack sooo light that my sister sumbat my beg into her lugage!! Haha imagine that!


Bangga gila dapat pack light. Padahal takde masa.


Tapi kali ni pun sama. The reason I had to go shopping is because they’ve been circulating the initirary since last month and tell you what, the activities needs 10000 of outfit. From swimming to jungle tracking to snokelling and even to museum visiting! Howww on earth I’m gonna pack light??!


Now saya mahu mandi sebab adalah sangat busukkk tak mandi2 dari tadi and Oh God!! It’s 2.30 already!


Haih Im gonna miss my mom. Gonna wake her up before I’m going hehheeee.




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