Expecting this little one is truly a mixed feeling. I am still adjusting my self being a wife, next thing I know oh there’s new member coming! *smile with sweats*

Most of the time it’s scary. The thought of raising a child in this era just scare the hell out of me. ya Allah. All those instagram thingy and selfies and ootds ya Allah scary! (I’m imagining I’m having a girl here, hehe). But of course without me realizing, deep down inside I’m eager to know what’s happening inside there and part of me loving having him/her inside me and another side of me just can’t wait any longer like can you grow fasterrrr moomy can’t wait to meet you and I can see that insyaAllah daddy will love you soooooo much more than anything else looking at his smile when I broke the news! phew!

And I think pregnancy is really witnessing Allah swt greatness. I mean thinking of how complicated the baby is ‘constructed’ inside there, subhanaAllah.. It is so so amazing…

And I can still remember vividly how I told a friend early this year about my new year resolution for 2014;

I want to be a mom!!!

Even though at that time I am no where new marriage. My husband was still a stranger. LOLs. SubhanaAllah, how Allah plans…

Ahhhh it is still a looongg way to go and wallahi only Allah knows of the outcome. But like any other mom in this world, I am already praying that Allah swt will protect you and grant you true success, that is, His Jannah, my baby.

I already love you so much..and also your dad. Oh don’t start with him. I think he wish he’s the one who’s pregnant and have milk so he can have you all by himself lol!

While you are in there, may Allah protect us from any kind of harm and well, I guess, see you in a few months insyaAllah hu taala!