Ramadhan 01

– Double GCB. Oh man GCB is the best burger I ate. How I wish the sauce and mayonnaise is more. I love juicy soggy burgers hehe.

– Big Apple courtesy of HR hehe. One for each person.

– Cornetto sundae.

Will you kill me if I update my berbuka menu everyday? Hehehe.



I found this cake from Cuppylicious Cupcakes. The price is only RM490!! Cheap kan?It’s cheap because it’s only mini cakes with one small cake on top.

Don’t you think it’s a genius idea? It gives you the grand look with reasonable price. And I like it how she use the cup as stand because it actually maximize the space usage so little space left for cakes which means u use less cakes and contributed to cheaper price!
genius lah the cake maker. Or whoever that come out with the idea..