Things to do

– i want to go berseronok. Planned something for Iwan’s post birthday celebration but we can’t find the right time. Hmm maybe I should take baby sister go out for some fun. Cepat laaaa gaji clear.

– Want to send fabrics to tailor for baju rayaaaaa. I had enough of last-minute ready made baju raya! Tapi my usual tailor tu dah pindah bangi laa pulaaakk. Jauh la pulak. 😦

– I found one custom-made shoes maker!! woot woooot! hehehehe. want to tryyy but see lah when.

– Oh God I hate nosy people. Why I need to tell you why I don’t want to continue my master and don’t want to buy a car (yet)?

– I am at the good place now. But I’m not so sure whether it is good for my paper qualification or nottt.



I missed my family.


Things that makes me happy.. today.

Hihi tajuk tak nak kalah. Well lets go random okayh?

1. Bought a cake from Bite Me!. A vanilla cake w chocolate filling. Wanted to try their famous rainbow cake tapi next month lah. For home. This time I bought for office sebab saja2 gatal. Heee can’t waittt to eat it tomorrow!! Gosh bringing a cake to office on Monday really makes u excited to start the week. Same like if you buy a new make up or top. hehe. Tapi takkan everyweek nak beli benda baru kann? Bankrup. Well i guess you have to do that once in a while when work started to kill you.

The cake that I bought. Hehe

The ever famous rainbow cake.. and the macaroons!

2. Come back from Bangsar (Bite Me! located at Bangsar), meet Berg at home and he gave me the handphone that I bought from him. It’s a long story tho but the point issssss after 11 freaking months working finally I dare to fork out RM250.00 to buy my very own handphone!!! After Si Gem no longer with me!!! Yeah I’m that kedekut I knowww. I don’t knowww. Spending hundreds for handphone seems a lot to me. All my handphones previously are courtesy of my dad or baby love. Well yeah basically this is my second handphone that I bought on my own. The first one is 5 years ago after I got my SPM result. Hahaha. And it cost is RM200.00 I can still remember. Hehehehe gila cheepskate. So next 5 years aku beli handphone lagi ok yang berharga RM300.00. Hahahah. Well I named my new phone Si Kurus because he’s so kurus compared to my Si Gemok last time.

Si Gemok

Si Kurus.. Hee kurus kannnn?

3. I need to complete a BQ for tomorrow submission and it’s like 90% done. I suppose to do it on Saturday but oh God call me a true procastinator! Sooo malas to do so tonight after spending good couple of hour watching Zulhuzaimi on tv I decided to do it. I saved it in CD since I don’t have pendrive with me that time. And guess what? As soon as I get alll the energy in the world to start typing, I realized that something wrong with the PC that it didn’t recognize CD!!! I can’t open my file. Sabaaarr je lah! So being mengada me, I texted Iwan for no apparent reason saying that the PC can’t read the CD and I’m going to work super early tomorrow to complete the BQ. Well that’s the only solution I can see. But a minute later I received his reply saying that he’ll send me his laptop so I can still work on the BQ, at 12 am. Well yeah the whole long paragraph is to tell you girls that I’m so touched. :’) Well yeah the gesture is small but soo meaningful. He always try his best to make my life easier and I’m spoil! Hee. Thanks dear..  Hee kalau macam nak muntah baca, sorry ekk.

Oh man how few things can make my day really beutiful today. Well I had a good Sunday ya’ll! Hee hows yours? Oh, did I mention that I had a nicee coldddd nap this afternoon sebab hujan je dari pagi sampai petangg? Hee bless!