I Want to Eat Ice Cream

This is a story of a kid that wants to eat an ice cream because she knows that kids should eat ice cream and ice cream can makes her one happy kid…


Kid: Dad, I want to eat ice cream!


Dad: Why do you want to eat ice cream? Can’t you just live here without eating ice cream and enjoy the plain water that I give you instead?


Kid: Because kids should eat ice-cream. I don’t like it here I can’t eat ice cream. I’m not happy! All the kids out there are eating ice cream. All kids have tasted ice cream at least once in their live but I don’t get that chance.


Dad: So you go and eat ice-cream here..


Kid: But you never give me ice creams to eat.


Dad: Because I don’t know kids should eat ice creams. You as a kid should tell me what you should do and eat.


Kid: I’m tired of it.. I just want to go out and eat the ice cream…


Dad: You want to eat ice cream, I’ll give you.. You don’t have to go out.. you can eat it here..You can make it..I give you all the things for you to make ice creams. I’ll buy all the ingredient for you to make one. I’ll ask the cook to give you some space in the kitchen so you can make your own ice cream.


Kid: How to? I never actually look how ice cream actually looks like. I just knew when mommy show me an ice cream picture in my coloring book. I don’t even know how to hold it right, which part to eat first, how fast I should eat it and all if you don’t let me go out and buy it.  What if I spend so much time in the kitchen and at the end of the day my ice cream taste funny and it is actually not like the actual ice cream that all the kids out there enjoying??

I don’t ask for your money. I already have the money, I know where the shop is. All I need is for you to just let me go out, buy an ice cream and eat it.


Dad: So you find a way how to make it. I’ll give you everything for you to learn how to make an ice cream and then eat it.. I may not know what ice cream is, so you tell me what ice cream is.. how to make an ice cream.. so one day, you can enjoy your ice cream here.. you don’t have to go out… So now, I give you chance, I give you time for you to tell me what ice cream is, how to make ice cream, what do you need to make ice cream and I’ll allow you to make it by your self. So by the end of the day, you can eat ice cream that you wanted.


Oh GOD. This is one tough dad!!


And also, it sounds fun and easy on ice creams.


It’s only Wednesday…

…but it has been very hectic. All my energy has gone baby gone since Monday.


Now I’m ignoring this pile of papers and just want to go home with the hope that Mom still remember that she have another crazy daughter that still can’t juggle what she have to juggle even after almost 2 years. Lepas tu ada hati nak kawin. Seriously? Pelah?




Some of you might be having a loooongg weekend so guys, enjoy your weekend! I might as well stay on bed for the whole 4 days if I’m one of you and maybe roll my self to kitchen when I’m hungry.


For me, I just want to go home and actually meet those lovelies at home. It has been 3 days.. Yeahhhh I’m that mengadaaa..


Anywayyy before I doze off while typing this, SELAMAT BERCUTI Y’ALL!!







I did this tag like four years ago.. and I’m going to do it again and four years later when I visit this entry I might be doing the same tag again.. hehehe.

So…let’s reminiscing!

10 years ago, I


  • ..was 14! Having the time of my life and finally wake up and realize school is important.
  • ..transfer to another school and make friends with amazing people and play silly games in class!
  • ..start going out with friends (i.e. Mia, ahaha) to KL!! Kira terror lah tu kan. Pergi KLCC naik bas okay! Gigih! Bawak RM20 je. Cukup lah kan, RM10 tambang, RM10 makan dekat foodcourt. Hehehe.


5 years ago,I..

  • ..was 19. Ouh, 19 sound young.. Had blast in UiTM with the girls. The girls that made me felt so special when I’m with them!
  • ..learn to swim and to play gamelan!! Yeahh those two things are the dreams that I set once I step in uni. Heheh bolehh? Set dream macam tu?
  • ..am madly in love..


2 years ago,I..


  • ..was 22. The first 6 months of the year was spent in front of the computer playing games while watching How I Met your Mother and doing my dissertation in between.
  • ..graduated from UiTM!! It was a love-hate relationship because graduating is amazing but leaving Shah Alam and it’s super laid back life was not so amazing. I can hear adulthood calling..
  • ..started working!! Attend my very first job interview and got impressed with the interviewer and thank God I nailed it. Hehehe.


1 year ago,I..


  • ..was 23 and realize that commitment scare a hell out of me.
  • ..went to Sabah and fall in love with it!!
  • ..bought a TV! Hehe. Yeah yeah it’s just a TV but for someone who can’t even save RM50 a month, that’s quite an achievement.. 😛



  • ..was 24 (duhhh!! haha yeah yeah I know not funny) and start my day with ‘daaamnnnnnn! damn damn damn damn I’m lateeee’ while running to the bathroom.
  • ..ate chicken prosperity burger..
  • ..sleep early!!! (OMG I’m so lame now is it?!?)




  • ..am still 24 and not waking up jumping from bed and running to the bathroom.
  • ..found 2 new places to swim and going to check it out soon!
  • ..had indian cuisine for dinner and it was okay.. Not as good as Bombay Palace..


Three snacks I enjoy,


  • Cookies
  • Vanilla cakes with buttercream. Yummm.
  • Maruku super pedas and all other unhealthy food on earth.


Three things I can’t live without:


  • After several breakdown, I learn that I can’t live without my PC. PC here means sane PC that can operate at least Outlook, AutoCAD and excel. I need that to keep me sane.
  • My handphone.
  • Errr car?


Three things I want to buy with RM1k,

  • Flight ticket to HK.
  • Vacation package to any nice island.
  • Bags, shoes and clothes for my holiday. Hehe


Three shows I like,

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
  • America Next Top Model


Three places I’ve lived,


  • Kajang
  • Shah Alam
  • Tangkak


Ok, done!

Tak suka lahh

I found out something this morning and I was so shocked.


I was so shocked hearing it and seriously, I didn’t see that coming. When I dialed the number, I had 1001 possibilities roaming inside my head and was prepared with 1001 answers. But when she mentioned it, I was so shocked and it’s like, of all things, how can it be that?


The conversation lasted for few minutes and left me stunned, shocked and there’s  this weird feeling creep into my heart even before I can digest the news..


I try to comfort my self.. I try to tell my self that things happen.. And Allah knows best.. But until now, attention,mind and heart are totally deviated and all I want is for you to heal.


I think I know this feeling. It feels like a crap leaving you facing it all alone. Heck, I don’t even how is it on your side, but I don’t feel right.


All my prayers are for you. Let us just pray, for you.

Thank You, You, You and yes, You!


How was your new year people?

I welcome my New Year together with Mia in front of my house last night while busy catching up with each other stories. Then wake up early this morning to fetch Ayah from IJN. Yeah Ayah discharged todayy!!!


He’s happy to be home and obviously us too.

And I also re-arrange sitting position at office and yeah got the chance to test-run the position today, the new year day it self. Hehe. It was good. I kinda love it. I’m so suck at controlling my self that I have to position the monitor to a dangerous position so I will moreee well behave at work. If you know what I mean. See boss, I’m trying hard here to make the payslip that I receive every month is all worth it!

But oh, actually today I just want to say thanks, thank you, m goi, toce to all the people that make me who I am today.

Somebody made a remarks the other day saying that I changed a bit compared to few years back. He said I;m garang and firm a bit now.

Well mister you know what, THANKS TO YOU!

Yeah I want to thanks to the guys that teach me, love is not a fairy tale, to the woman that she think she can ruin the happiness that I have, to the people that never tired of digging my mistake and show it to the world, to those who feel content and happy each time I say ‘yeah, it’s my mistake, sorry. My bad’, to those who complains everyday then make me realize how we should be grateful.. yeah… to those people.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart… Because of you, I am what I am today… Stronger than before..


And you guys has thought me, who should I respect and who should I trust.

I know I have to face moree and moore things for this year, but Mom has thought me well, just look at the bright side of it..

and yeah.. tima kasih Mak…