it works!!!!

I have a new method of controlling my money!!

You see, I have a severe problem of managing money. Oh God wait, I hope there’s no any bank officer read this because if they does, mati aku apply loan mana² pun tak lepas.

Ok back to my problem. Keluh kesah bersama kak Esah. Yes, I can’t control my own money. Every month after I get my pay and paid all the bills, I will stare at the bank website while thinking, what else or where else I can spend because apparently online banking is my another hobby apart from leaving things behind. Yes. I feel content doing online banking because it feels like you don’t have to fork out money but all of sudden all your bills settled!

Oh ok. Now I also hope bosses don’t read this because then they will say ‘how on earth I could employ such a bimbo?’


Then 3 hours after that I will go to ATM machine and withdraw my money and think who else I owe. You see, I’m so bad at math that it has affect my life. Let say I owe mom RM120, I will sum it up to RM200 instead of RM150 with the reason, oh alang² dah withdraw, keluar lah banyak sikit kot² nak isi minyak ke.

Yeaahh rigghttt. What usually happen is, after I pay that RM120 to mom, another RM80 also gone entah ke mana. So tomorrow I end up queuing at ATM machine again and withdraw money again. -_____-”

Sometime at the end of the month when I look at my bank statement, I made withdrawal like every alternate day!! And all the money gone! Don’t ask me where it go because I also don’t have any idea. Living in Malaysia nowadays can be very expensive, huh?

And, please don’t say why withdraw sikit²? Withdraw sekali banyak la. Heh. The same thing will happen. Oh no. It’s worst because the next trip to ATM, I will not have any money to withdraw anymore. THIS is why I don’t have credit card. Yes I don’t have credit card. It look soooo fun to have one because you just swipe swipe swipe and ta-DA! you have a new shoes, tops, bags and hand phone even! Best gila. Butttt if you give it to me, memang bulan depan pergi kerja naik kereta kuda sebab duit semua dah habis bayar hutang credit card.

You see, at first, I’m blaming my small pay and (konon) big responsibilities that cause severe broke-ness after 3 days getting salary. But the other day I did one honest calculation with Sujit baby of where my money goes and all and truth reveal, I’m just spendthrift.


It sucks you know not knowing where your money go. If I buy something ke, takpe lah jugak kan. Inii, tak tau duit ke mana. Bankrup lah mak macam niiiii. Eeiii. Stress.

Usually what will happen everytime I want to buy something, I will said ‘ahhh beli je laa. Duit ada lagi tuuu’ ia nya seolah² kalau boleh naaakkk jugaakkk habiskan duit tu! tapi selepas sedar diri, starting this month, whenever I feel like buying something, I’ll chant ‘Don’t buy, u’re broke. don’t buy. u’re broke’ I keep thinking that I’m broke and I can’t survive this month and I should save money.

So today I checked again my bank account to see how much money left for me to survive and it turn outttttt, it is more than what I expected! 😛 I’m not that broke afterall. Heeeeheeeeeheee *evil smile*.

So I’m telling you my new method of controlling my money, WORKSS!!!


So now come the dangerous part. Since I’m not that broke, this devil inside me can’t stop whispering and ask me to use the Vincci voucher that I have. Damn you lil devil. Pergi kauuuu jauh² sana!

Soooo, starting from now on, I will use that method and I hope I’ll end up richer. Please God.


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