Paternal Love

I think being a mom is amazing.

Ok scratch that.

I think being a parent is amazing.

Yeah yeah I know you might go like ‘heehhh???? Mesti lah best statement apakah ini?’

I knoww I know but it’s amazing as in you wouldn’t realize that it’ll be that amazing until you be one.

Tsk cliché but true.

I was reading my twitter timeline when I stumble upon Ahmad Izham’s tweet regarding the daughter.

I find it so cute!! To read a father’s mind of what he think of his daughter. I always wanted to know what my dad think of me apart from I secretly think I’m his favourite daughter. Heheheeh.

Mesti macam best kan kita ada sorang manusia yang kita tengok dia dari kecik, besar sikit, sampai besar..and then someone who will turn to us no matter what, someone who is so close and so dear. And, someone who we know so much thing about her/him without she/he even realized!

I do think among the persons that know me best are my parents. And oh speaking of which, tetiba teringat satu cerita.

Cerita that will seriously touch my heart whenever I think about it. It’s about my dad.

There was this one time..I had a big quarrel with my (ex)boyfriend. It started (very very) small but ended up big. It so huge that it bugs me like hell. I was a walking zombie for more than a week. Yes, that’s long for me. When I’m in a relationship, the longest bergaduh period I can bear is 24 hours. Than that’s it. I’ll look for him again. So imagine it has been more than a week! No confrontation no nothing. Things were quite serious with us that time that I actually think that he’s the one. So of course my parents know about us.

So there’s this one day, that I can’t hold it any longer, I decided to tell EVERYTHING to my parents.

Ok. To the whole family actually. There was family gathering dan tak pasal² family gathering jadi sesi keluh kesah cik Pelah. -____-”

Yes, everything. Not only what has happen for the past 1 week, but EVERYTHING that I keep holding back for the past 2 years of our relationship. Things that I never tell them. In fact things that I never tell ANYONE. Things that I’ve been keeping to my self without realizing that it eat me up, slowly.

So korang bayangkan howwww I cried during that time. And all of them was like so shocked, included my dad. To cut the story short, I decided to end the relationship and let them know of my decision. They have to know because things between us has involved both families.

So I thought that was it. That’s it. Little that I know it hasn’t ended on my dad’s side. You know what he did?

One fine day, he actually call my ex and asked him, what went wrong! Ok if you know my dad, this is phenomenal. He didn’t do that often and when I found out about it, I feel like crying! I never know my heart break bugs him. Ok maybe one of the reason he secretly like my ex. -_-” anddd I know until nowwwwwwww, he wish that we get back together. Oh Ayah, sudah² lah tu. T_T

But really, the gestures, really touch my heart. And yeah they met after that. I don’t really know what my dad told him and what he told my my dad because NOBODY WANTS TO TELL ME but yeah, even it didn’t work-out, saya adalah terharu. I never know and expect he will do that.


Seriously, I am far from being a good daughter. Instead I’m such a spoil brat yang semakin tua, semakin mengada but I reallly try my best to make them happy. Maybe I never said I love you ke apa (haha kalau ckp komfem mak macam ‘hehh? apesal ni?’), tapii mak dan ayahhh sila lah tauuu, i love you so very much okay? I hope you guys feel amazing being the parents to us, the kepoh girls. Oh well I know you do. You two will sulk big time if I had to work on weekend! Heh heh heh.


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