Sort it out, baby.

I’m in the midst of sorting my life out. As much as I don’t want to sound like ungrateful brat, but there are things that I’m unhappy of so I’m taking few measures to make my self happy again.

Thing is, nothing in this world is in our sole control. All we can do is try hard and pray as hard as we tried. The thing with life is, you need back up plans. I seriously wish that my Plan A will works and if it didn’t I will seriously be heart broken but then come again to the question of life, we can’t get everything that we want.

So I also have my Plan B and Plan C. But still, I want my Plan A. I’m praying real hard now.

Ahhh if 1 person come and ask me what makes me happy, and if I get it, will I be complaining again; me my self also won’t sure of the answer..

Manusia, tak pernah cukup.


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