Fallen Tree


I saw a tree falling right before my eyes, today. I was downstairs, when suddenly I heard the receptionist screaming and when I turn, I saw a huge tree falling and hit the ground. And another 6 cars.



Thank GOD nobody’s there. Because I just can’t imagine if the tree hit on a person. Oh God. Nauzubillah.

..and I’m so thankful that I came in late today and I went out during lunch hour and park my car somewhere else because that exact spot is where I usually park my car. It’s like a miracle I can secure a spot right in front of the office entrance after lunch today or else my car will be one of the six cars that were damaged.



Haih.. So kesian my colleague. But of all cars, I feel like crying when I saw this…



I was so shocked. It’s not just another damaged car. I feel like crying right there and then because I know how the owner love the car so much. She love the car so so much. She call it her Ferari Merah. Knowing her, she can totally afford to buy a new car but she didn’t. And she always mention how that car brings back good memories.. she said she can still remember her dad used to bring her around in that car when she was small.. it was a sentimental value!

Can you just imagine, something you love so much, crash, in front of your eyes?


So saddd….

If it’s happen to me, ya Allah, I’ll cry a bucket kot.

But not her. A colleague call me up just now to check how she’s doing because he’s outside and he received MMS showing the picture of the car. He asked does she cry? Is she okay? He’s afraid to call her up.

She didn’t cry. I told him she didn’t cry. She just look at the car, with the sad eyes and said ‘Let’s settle this thing and go home..’

Strong women she is.


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