• I’m not doing good at work lately and I hate my self for that. 😦 I have lost the passion. I don’t know where it went. Passion, come back. I still need you because I have to be here, whether you like it or not.
  • How’s your raya? Mine was so-so. My baju raya that I love and adore initially has make me looks like 5 month pregnant. I need open houses and kemeriahan raya.
  • You know what, if you pray real hard, Allah will grant your wish even though it seems impossible. It happened to me. 😀 So let us pray real hard.. SubhanAllah..
  • With what happen lately, I am so worried about everybody’s safety and security. We live in fear now and we’re not living in a safe environment anymore.
  • I have a lot to jot down but at the mean time, allow me to stop here.
  • Ok one more, I have tonnes of thing to do. The old me will stay and complete it until wee hours but tonight I wish to stop at 9.30. And I hate that.

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