Super costly

I already calculated. To have a super-simple-and-look-so-cheap dream dress of mine, it’ll cost approx RM500. How can an effortless dress cost so much? I never spend anything that expensive on a dress previously and don’t know whether to do it this time or not. It is sooo not economical! But I love the outcome….. I can opt for a cheaper way and slash the price by half, but I don’t like the looks of it…


Speaking of expensive, and cheapskate of me, I bought my 2nd perfume at the age of 23 and regretted it. Same case. I never spend that much amount of money for a perfume. My first perfume cost me RM45 only. Since it is obviously an impulse purchase, and I actually can use that amount of money to buy the super comfy Adidas ballerina flat+Iwan’s super gorgeous kasut raya, I decided to keep the perfume for my God-knows-when wedding. πŸ˜›

So one hantaran kawin checked.Hihihihi.

Btw how long can a perfume last? Β  and owh. It smells so nice you know. But it’s ok. I got 7 samples so I just use it for the mean time. πŸ˜›

p/s – i really miss blogging.


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