Bahwasanya orang-orang yang berjanji setia kepada kamu sesungguhnya mereka berjanji setia kepada Allah. Tangan Allah di atas tangan mereka, maka barangsiapa yang melanggar janjinya niscaya akibat ia melanggar janji itu akan menimpa dirinya sendiri dan barangsiapa menepati janjinya kepada Allah maka Allah akan memberinya pahala yang besar.


Jadi berhati-hati lah.

Isn’t it beautiful? The way He guide us in living our daily life is just beautiful, and full of love, MasyaAllah..

You know we should look at this on the big picture. When we say promise, it’s included the promise that we made to our mom to do the dishes, promise to friend to meet her, promise to colleague to pass her the info, promise to boss to submit the task, promise to client to deliver. It’s everything..

So, when we know each word that we utter, is a promise to Him, we will be very careful in making promise to everybody!

And the most important is, our promise to Him, to be a good servant each time we had difficulties and yet we broke that promise everytime. 😦

What’s more beautiful? His promise to always be w us as long as we turn to Him, subhanaAllah…


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