We Need

We need..

Architect that loves Allah..

..so that when he design, he will allocate enough space for prayer room. And he knows that ablution area should be INSIDE the prayer room.


Engineer that loves Allah..

..so when we construct, he will first think of the sustainability, the quality and he won’t bother w bribery.


Fashion Designer that loves Allah..

..so when she design, she will design to encourage all the sisters to cover their aurah.


Hair Dresser that loves Allah..

..so there will be a properly covered room at their saloon, specially for muslim woman.


Chef that loves Allah..

..so he will always ensure his dish is halal.


 Businessman that loves Allah..

..so honesty will be his top priority.


Allah loves those who work hard for the ummah. Allah loves those who is successful in this world for the sake of Him..

Let us all work hard, and make His’ bless as our main objectives, InsyaAllah. 🙂


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