I found this cake from Cuppylicious Cupcakes. The price is only RM490!! Cheap kan?It’s cheap because it’s only mini cakes with one small cake on top.

Don’t you think it’s a genius idea? It gives you the grand look with reasonable price. And I like it how she use the cup as stand because it actually maximize the space usage so little space left for cakes which means u use less cakes and contributed to cheaper price!
genius lah the cake maker. Or whoever that come out with the idea..


4 thoughts on “Cakes

    • Hahaha I actually think of that too. No need to cut it lah just take the whole piece of mini cakes and stash it in your husband mouth. hahaha.

  1. baby…for me its better use cup cake at the top..meaning, from d top until d bottom use cup cake.its look nicer…..

    nin…no need to cut d cake anymore, just suap-menyuap jer…

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