Things to do

– i want to go berseronok. Planned something for Iwan’s post birthday celebration but we can’t find the right time. Hmm maybe I should take baby sister go out for some fun. Cepat laaaa gaji clear.

– Want to send fabrics to tailor for baju rayaaaaa. I had enough of last-minute ready made baju raya! Tapi my usual tailor tu dah pindah bangi laa pulaaakk. Jauh la pulak. 😦

– I found one custom-made shoes maker!! woot woooot! hehehehe. want to tryyy but see lah when.

– Oh God I hate nosy people. Why I need to tell you why I don’t want to continue my master and don’t want to buy a car (yet)?

– I am at the good place now. But I’m not so sure whether it is good for my paper qualification or nottt.


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