There are weekly basket ball and badminton session at my office. But I never join them. Simply because I didn’t know how to swing the racket and bump the ball.

Today is the weekly basketball session.. As I see my colluege change to their shorts and all excited to go, I feel so jelous. No I don’t want to play basketball. I want to go swimming!

 And it reminds me to get ready a swimming bag complete with everything that I needs to swim. Must. Mesti letak. Wajib.

So everytime I got the chance to go home on time, I go to the pool straight awayyy! Hee.

Well yeah.. I need to lose some weight. Err ok I need to loose 9kg actually. That’s not some kan? Macam banyak je. Hehee. Control the food intake doesn’t work for me.. So I have to opt for sports.

Hmm ok so tonight I will pack my essentials and put it in my car.And whenever they have their basketball/badminton session, I can have my swimming session!


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