The 3 Keys

Ustaz pesan, 3 amalan yang boleh menjauhkan kita dari azab ialah;

Syukur, doa & istighfar

Ustaz kata dalam apa pun yang kita buat, kita mesti ingat 3 perkara tu dan sentiasa amalkan. Kerana terdapat kebaikan padanya.

Hidup kena selalu dalam keadaan yakin pada rahmat Allah dan juga sentiasa mengharap akan keampunan nya. Because we never know. Everything that we worked for now, will only be reaveal later, on the day of judgement. And we definitely don’t want things to be too late, by that time. Nauzubillah. 😦

You see, life is like a puzzle. We see it piece by piece. But Allah sees it as a whole picture. He knows. He’s the one who arranging it. He created us as His slave, send us to this world and show allllllll of His signs to let us know that He is our God. He is Allah our God. Because soon, we’ll come back to him. To where we come from. And answerable to each and everything that we have done in this world. 

There are moments where we just don’t get it, why this have to happen. But don’t lose hope, don’t be afraid, just keep walking and have faith and trust in Allah. As long as we are on His path, insyaAllah we are safe. Although we may not understand why its happening. Whole world may ditch is but Allah will never do that. Rahmat Allah sangat, sangat lah luas. He is the most powerful. Kalau Allah nak beri, sekelip mata aja. 

All we have to do is ask. Ask and ask. Because Allah is our master. He guide us, He feed us, He helped us every single time, He comfort us no matter where and when, He listen… He knows us best.

So no matter how hard it is, keep walking, keep struggling, keep forcing our self to please Allah and Allah alone.

May He guide us all…… amin, insyaAllah…


2 sekali

Ok haven’t done this for ages.

Read Jaja’s blog and I am surprised that she finally updated her blog!! After a year, Ja!

Came across this post and I’m like, Jaaaa kite samaaaaa.

But to me cleaning is more like, stress relief. Like when I am so stressed up at the office, I just can’t wait to get home and clean my room. Even if it’s late at night. Because the feeling of looking at cleaned vacuumed floor, new bed sheet, empty laundry basket is just……priceless. Boleh tersenyum² sendiri.

Now I will try my best to do my laundry on Friday night. So that when I wake up Saturday morning, my laundry basket has empty!! What a nice way to start a weekend because so that you know, laundry basket is the first thing that will come to my sight once I open my eyes everyday.

Like this morning, I was frustrated with few things so as soon as I am done with my prayer, next thing I know I am already decluttering my wardrobe, re-arranged my stuff, throw away the garbage…on a Tuesday morning. If it’s not because of the early meeting I had, I’d probably do my laundry as well.

And I leave home as a happy girl this morning all praise to Allah. 🙂

So..yeah… I totally get Jaja’s feeling of seeing things are in order.

You know what’s better? Coming home to a wangi-cleaned room after a long tiring day. Now I know the feeling of a husband.



Just Because

It’s too fragile thus it needs extra security.

Susah? Memang lah. Susah sangat. Tapi mujahadah memang lah susah. Kalau senang tak panggil mujahadah. Dia panggil…ermmm…makan kacang?

Takpe, susah macam manaa macam manaaaa pun, Allah ada. 🙂

Plus ustaz kata berapa lama sangat lah nak tahan, 70-80 tahun je kot. Itu pun kalau sempat.

So….gambateh! 🙂

With the name of Allah….

I just did something unexpected today.

I submitted my resignation letter.

And they accepted, without much drama. Alhamdulillah.

And I haven’t secure any job. Make du’a for me friends.

…and the search begin, now.



For every lesson learned, for every knowledge gained, for every stories shared, for every moment treasured, I am grateful.


The moment I started to question why, I must remember all these comes from Allah.

The feeling, the situation. Semuanya. It’s there, for a reason.

Grant me patience ya Allah.

A Step Forward

You know when you are scared and yet still have to go through it anyway?

Moments where you NEED to finish answering the exam paper and all of sudden everything that you read vanish from your mind but you don’t really have a choice but to answer it anyway. So you just flip the question paper and just want to get it done.

Moments where you have to walk thru a scary place where you’re holding on someone hand and you just shut your eyes off and walk anyway.

Moments where you have to face your boss for another silly mistakes which you don’t really have a choice but to confess and face the nags. But you still confess anyway.

Moments where you know you’re still scared to face it, but you just face it anyway.

Because you know it’s going to be good for you.

Well. I never really realize it was quite a big change of my life because I guess I’m still in the shut-my-eyes-off-and-just-walk phase.

I never really realized how big it is to me, at least personally until I catch a glimpse of my self in the mirror.

I am still scared. And forever will be. Because it is so much more than a piece of cloth and revamping wardrobe. It is so much more than that.

It is not the end, it’s the starting point of a new journey.

…and all I need from you my friends, is du’a..

For He knows

Everything that happen, lies a beautiful secret behind it. Secrets that is yet to be discovered.

It may take longer than what you expected, you may pay very expensive price for it, but one thing for sure, it is worth the wait. Worth the pain, worth the tears.

Because it comes from the One who knows everything. It comes from Allah who is Al-Rahman. Full of love and mercy that want nothing but goodness for His servant.

He is the Master and we’re His servant and what we have to do is just walk on the path that has been laid, no matter how the situation may be. Good or bad. Pretty or ugly. Happy or sad. Easy or hard. Because as long as we walk on His path, we know it’s gonna be victory eventually. And there’s only one true victory – His Jannah.

It’s not on this world. Stop seeking ultimate happiness or true completeness in this world. It is all in the hereafter.

So…..there might be a moment where I feel like saying ‘if only you knew…’ But then I realized. It’s ok. It’s ok if you didn’t know. No matter how bad I wish you knew and understand. Because Allah knows. Allah know what you didn’t know. Allah know what we didn’t know.

Allah know what’s good for you, Allah know what’s good for me, for us. And He own us. He own our heart. Thus He have all the right to put it where it belong.

So yeah… As long as our heart is tightly tied to our Creator Allah s.w.t, we know we’re in a good hand. No matter what happen. No matter who come, and who go.

Because we know, that Allah know what’s best for us.

And we know reason we live, is purely to serve Allah.


Where do your heart really lies?

“Like everything in this dunia, marriage is only a means – a means to reach Allah. So if we pray for it and we don’t get it, perhaps Allah has chosen another means for us – perhaps through hardship, the purification it may cause and the sabr it builds, to bring us to that end: Allah. It may be, as only Allah knows best, that had He given us that amazing husband we made du’a for, it would have made is heedless and therefore not achieve our end at all.”

That is one of many excerpts from Yasmin Mogahed’s book, Reclaim Your Heart that touch my heart.

Alhamdulillah, I bought this book as a birthday gift to my self. They said don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or in this case, by it’s title. Because that is what I did when I first bought the book. I thought ‘ahh this must be the book healing the heart from a heart-broken break up moment niii’

But I still got it anyway because I love Yasmin so much.

I was so wrong. It’s so much more than that. It’s the book that will make you ask your self over and over again, do you really place your heart at Allah and do you really love Allah when you claimed so?

Or you just love Allah when you have no other choice anymore?

That is 1 hard slap to my self.

I keep questioning my self and all the answers that I got, make me all sad and scared.

When I said I love Allah and only Allah my savior, do I really walk the talk? When I recite al-fatihah 17 times a day and recite “You alone we worship You alone we ask for help” do I really mean it?

Or I seek His help and refuge only when nobody else replying my BBMs and Whatsapp text?


It’s really deep. It is more than just healing a broken heart. It’s the matter of where do we put our heart, as a slave of Allah.

We all know Allah is the master. But do we realize that we are just a slave? Or what’s more important, do we really act like one?

That, is something to ponder in every breath that we take.

Ya Allah.. May You guide us all to the straight path, like how we pray to you and ask from you at least 17 times a day…