For He knows

Everything that happen, lies a beautiful secret behind it. Secrets that is yet to be discovered.

It may take longer than what you expected, you may pay very expensive price for it, but one thing for sure, it is worth the wait. Worth the pain, worth the tears.

Because it comes from the One who knows everything. It comes from Allah who is Al-Rahman. Full of love and mercy that want nothing but goodness for His servant.

He is the Master and we’re His servant and what we have to do is just walk on the path that has been laid, no matter how the situation may be. Good or bad. Pretty or ugly. Happy or sad. Easy or hard. Because as long as we walk on His path, we know it’s gonna be victory eventually. And there’s only one true victory – His Jannah.

It’s not on this world. Stop seeking ultimate happiness or true completeness in this world. It is all in the hereafter.

So…..there might be a moment where I feel like saying ‘if only you knew…’ But then I realized. It’s ok. It’s ok if you didn’t know. No matter how bad I wish you knew and understand. Because Allah knows. Allah know what you didn’t know. Allah know what we didn’t know.

Allah know what’s good for you, Allah know what’s good for me, for us. And He own us. He own our heart. Thus He have all the right to put it where it belong.

So yeah… As long as our heart is tightly tied to our Creator Allah s.w.t, we know we’re in a good hand. No matter what happen. No matter who come, and who go.

Because we know, that Allah know what’s best for us.

And we know reason we live, is purely to serve Allah.



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