Broken as they call it

I am so grateful that I have to face few heart-broken moments in my life, at the early age.

It’s like some kind on prep, to face the days when things are so much serious and responsibilities are so much bigger.

There are things that I will never imagine could ever happen, happened. There are things that I usually heard the story or even watched it on TV, happened.

And when it does happened, it opens my eyes that I’m not the only one. And there are loads more other people who face tougher challenge.

I’m grateful that God took something that I once think I’m not gonna lose it. I’m grateful that God teach me that it’s ok to love now, but know that nothing is ours in this life. Never ever think that. I’m grateful that God teach me it’s ok to put on hope, but never on the creation. It have to be always on The Creator, Allah s.w.t.

To know the fact that everything happened with Allah’s consent, and to realize our purpose in this life is only to serve Allah, helps a lot in overcoming heart-broken.

..and actually forgive, who ever has hurt us. Because it’s not their fault. Things has written to be that way.

and pray..and have loads of patience.. because Allah has teach us that… and Alhamdulillah I see it right before my eyes that sometimes all we need to do is pray and be patience..

And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]. (2:45)

All we need to do is to just learn from what has happened and move on. And pray for each other happiness..


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