Of 8 to 5

If there’s a thing that I learned of being an employee for the past 3.5 years is, we must know where to channel things correctly.

I wanted to say don’t take things personally but we’re human being with feelings so how is it possible not to take things personally kan.

Hehe. Ye lah memang lah kau cakap macam tu Padilah pasal kerja kau buat drama je dekat opis tuuu.

But! My point is, if you really have to create a scene pun, do it with the right people and with the intention to solve the problem.

Yes one may need to rant but not to your colleagues. Tak best lah kerja gaduh². I mean gaduh drama cerekarama nih. Ingat Adam & Hawa kee.

If you feel unhappy, voice it out to someone that can actually change thing. Be it the HR ke, your manager ke. But buuttt. Sila lah voice out dengan solution nya sekali. Well at least what you think the solution might be. Sebab biasa lah orang dah kerja 2 tahun dengan dah kerja 2389567 tahun mesti lah tak sama solution nya.

Jangan lah pergi mengadu entah apa² lepas tu takde solution.

First you have to establish what makes you unhappy. Then you must know what do you WANT actually. How you want it to be. Then table it out. Whether it can be change or not that’s another story. At least we have done our part.

Alhamdulillah I could say I’m lucky to have bosses that is willing to listen. But I know tak semua macam tu but it’s back to the question of our effort.

Yes there might be time we just feel like killing each other while working. Hmmmm. Kejap. Kalau aku all the time lah kan. But come on, takkan nak take things personally? Look at things positive way. What’s the purpose of yelling to your colleague tanpa sebarang motif, just for the sake of letting it out je? And do nothing about it after that?

We are paid to face problems so when it arise, how disappointed we may feel, we must sort it out. Yes there might be emotion involve but don’t just have that, find the solution. Lepas tu nak emosi 18 bakul pun emosi la ok?

Contohnya emosi semasa mengisi appraisal form dan semasa appraisal. Hehehe.

So the point is, when it comes to working, try as much as possible to have a healthy environment.  At least we play our role.

Plus, we don’t work for recognition, we don’t work for the money, we work sebab itu adalah punca rezeki yang Allah beri. So work sincerely..

Cut the unnecessary drama….and gossips!! Yes. That may serve another entry. Gosh. Why people have to care masalah your colleague’s wife’s cousin’s mother can’t drive a car?

ahhh pening.

Ok lah. Itu saja keluh kesah macik Pelah kali ini.

Semua orang kerja baik² ok? Jangan buat drama. Tengok tak pasal² terus keluar entry bebelan percuma.

Ok bye nak pergi beli air sedap.


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