I actually write a lot here. It just that I don’t publish a lot. This is my comfort space. Apparently you just can’t tell everybody everything so yeah…

It helps a lot because man, human can be so forgetful sometimes. Well I can be forgetful all the time so at times I will just dig out the old journals just for the sake to remind me, what I’ve forgotten.

Just so I will remember how Allah has saved me from SO many things, so many sadness, so many disappointment. Just to ensure I’m always on track. Just to remind my self to keep moving no matter what.

A dear friend once said to me;

If we wanna change for the better, don’t keep thinking of our struggles. But think of how Allah has made it easy for us

Alhamdulillah, Allah has made it easy for me. :’)

Hmmm. So why this post?

Nothing in particular. Just feel like letting it out….and actually share it.




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