Of Mad Luthfi?

Hey I love this.

Initially I thought it’s just some video w Mad Luthfi and the geng singing just for the fun of it but life teach us not to judge until we know the real story or in this case, until the video finish.

So yeah Mad Luthfi will be Mad Luthfi. His videos are never disappointing. Really love the message that is conveyed and I somehow just love the spirit.

It is just so true.

And it applies in our life.

We just have to make the best out of what we have. Make the best out of it.

Well obviously we can’t have everything that we want in this life. We might work very hard for it but at the end of the day Allah knows best what is best for us.

And what we have to do? Just make the best out of it!

Mad Luthfi could choose to mourn and be sad for the fact that he have to be in lectures during hari raya but he choose to still enjoy the raya instead. Well at least by being in baju melayu.

Because you know what? Mourn or happy. Sad or cheerful. Baju Melayu or Jeans, he still need to attend the class. So might as well just make the best out of it.

This. is very helpful in overcoming the Monday blues. Seriously. Cut it off. Make the best out of your weekend and just face Monday. Because like it or not, blues or not, Monday will still come and we still have to face the cubicles.

Not like if we mourn, Monday will pause and come next year instead. Well, if that’s the case I mourn forever! Hehe.

Instead do something that could lift up the spirit. Well it depends on you. I’m the easiest person to please so driving a newly washed car could already make me happy. Or maybe buy something over the weekend and I could be waiting for Monday just for the sake of wearing something new!

It’s us, who choose whether to be happy or be sad.

Look on the bright side of everything. Look on the good side of everyone. No matter how annoying the person is, always look on their good character. Nobody perfect. We never know how hard people trying to overcome our annoyance!

Appreciate every moment that Allah grant us. Every second is too precious to be wasted with sadness and depression. Yes we may face sadness and frustration at time but what I’m saying is don’t stay in that situation for long. Learn from it and move on. When we fall, dust off the dirt and keep walking.

Stop complaining and mourn and be grateful instead. Also at the same time keep evaluating ourself and improve. Be better. Wish for the better while appreciating and be happy with what we have.

Because, how do we expect to be happy with what we wish for, if we can’t even be content of what we have now?

Well those actually very much serve as a strict reminder to my self as well.

But do try that. And you will find this life is too beautiful to be sad.

And if we ever have to be sad and worry pun, be sad of why despite all the thing and blessing that we have from Allah, we still find it hard to ignore our nafs and desire.

Be worry of our relationship w the Almighty.

Other than that, let’s us together learn to express our gratitude, our syukur to the Almighty, all the time, insyaAllah.

No matter how hard we fall, let us keep praying so Allah will grant us the strength to go through just another day with the smile on our face.

May He always guide us..



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