Of Syawal

Raya was good Alhamdulillah.

Along is not with us but all and all, still awesome. Hehe. Hanging out w whole bunch of family members is the best. Be it raya or not..

It’s 2nd Syawal today. But you know, come maghrib yesterday, I’m actually missing ramadhan already. I mean the rush of iftar, getting ready, terawikh.. Rindu! I know the key now is to keep the momentum. Ramadhan or not. To stay istiqamah.. To keep reminding my self all the thing that I used to remind my self during Ramadhan. Oh may Allah make ease!

Anyway. What’s funny is, just like last raya, I might need to play the same game this year. The waiting game. There are times when I just can’t help my self not to think and wonder, how come the storyline is very much similar? But then I always believe, there must be reasons, in fact beautiful reason behind all this. Plus it’s not just merely wait. There must be something that I can learn through out the way. So…whatever the answers may be, it’s definitely for the best.


Soooo…you guys raya elok-elok okay? Selamat hari raya, minta maaf kalau ada terkasar, tersalah bahasa ya?



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