…so it’s the end

Tomorrow InsyaAllah is the last day that we fast.

Had my last terawikh for this ramadhan few hours ago, with Nin darling. 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

So how was your Ramadhan? Did you achieve your Ramadhan goals?

It was already halfway that I realized I need to have Ramadhan goals. didn’t set any. But I have this Ramadhan…dreams.

Two major things are to finish Quran during Ramadhan and not to missed tarawikh.

..and no I didn’t achieve both. 😐 I’m still (reaching) halfway w my Quran and there are nights where I missed tarawikh. 😦

I was a bit down few days ago, thinking about how Ramadhan reaching its end, and have I done enough? Will there be another ramadhan for me? Also thinking bout all the Ramadhan that I have neglected previously. 😦 😦

But then again, looking back, masyaAllah there are so many blessings for the past 29 days and subhanaAllah how Allah has made it easy for me.

First I just have to say, my work. I was really nervous when Ramadhan approached because knowing my schedule, I’m just afraid that it will pass by just like that with me spending most of my time at the office, just like any other years. 😦

But subhanaAllah, things were quite smooth. I mean it’s pretty hectic that for weeks I only had 4-5 hours sleep but helps never seems to stop. Crazy deadlines postponed, sweetest bosses, understanding colleague.. that made things whole lot easier. There are also time where I’m at my busiest working on the most important proposal for the company, and I’m soooo tired and that is when I got my menses. I mean… talking about timing huh.

..and then those iftar dates w d girls, are just the best. Well Alhamdulillah I got to meet most of them for iftar and I just love it how it usually ends w terawikh date together. It’s amazing you know. To prostrate together w the people who you care so much. The feeling is different. It is much much better than spending hours over lavish buffet spread at 5 star hotel.

Like there’s this one day when I have the sudden urge to meet Jaja. So I just grab sandwich and drink, berbuka at her house, go terawikh, came back and had our talk on her couch and I went home with a smile on my face. How simple things can really make your day.

..and then moment when I’m walking w mak to surau.. moment when we finished our prayer and I salam and kissed her…moment when mak will busy looking for me when ever kitorang terpisah pergi saf lain ke apa (hehe yes mak cute like that! nakk jugak sebelah2).. but then those are the things that made me so grateful that Allah s.w.t grant me day after another to be in this world and breath His air. ya Allah syukur…

What a month.

I hope this feeling stays…for the next 11 months, until the next Ramadhan, jika di izinkan Allah..

And I just pray that may Allah forgive all our sin, may Allah accept our ibadah, and may we are among of those who get His bless and rahmat.


Ehe soo drama lah this entry but I couldn’t help it! It’s been a while since the last time I write so pardon me ok? Well next entry will be the cheerful raya version one okay! Hehe.


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