I think I posted this before somewhere in this blog. Or facebook. Can’t recall but I’m posting it again since this song never fail to lift me up whenever the struggles come.

Beautiful lyrics tho. Remind you to keep going, no matter what are the hurdles you face in life.

First, because there’s always, always The One who know, understand and helping you out. And will always showered us with enourmous blessing no matter how screwed up we are.

You know when life get tough, just keep walking. Really. Just keep walking and remember that this is not the end. Of course it’s not. The end is the hereafter. There’s something better awaits, provided we really strive for it.

So..yeah. Just take a deep breath and keep walking.


Aaanyywaay. Ramadhan is ending very soon. đŸ˜¦

Tak tau ada tak next Ramadhan for me. I just love it because every time one is about to commit something bad, it’ll be ‘ehh don’t! I’m fasting, it’s ramadhan’

Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s pray that may the spirit stay in our heart, be it Ramadhan or not.

It’s the final 10. It’s time to work extra hard. May Allah grant us His blessing so we’re able to finish this holy month in the best manner..

Lepas tu boleh raya!





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