Rockin’ it on ladies

Took this picture from facebook and couldnt agree more on the points.

I seriously have a very high respect and adore who ever that rockin’ on tudung labuh and pull it off like nobody business.


Preeetyyyy tau tak? Sejuk je hati tengok. I personally think these woman have a very high self-confidence. They just don’t bother to flaunt whatever that shouldn’t be flaunt to look pretty. For them, all that matters is to look pretty for Allah. Oh how amazing!

And do you know it all start from your hijab? Once you start wearing hijab that properly cover the chest, labuh, automatically you’ll wear loose cloth. Loose big hijab doesn’t work with short tops. So there you go. Baju labuh. And once you already in your baju labuh, tudung labuh, tight jeans will look sooo awkward! So you’ll put on loose pants/jeans/skirt.

..and there you go! Garnish it with super marvelous akhlak, you’re sooo good to go rockin’ on the world.

hehehe ok exaggerate but really!

Of alll the points, I couldn’t agree more on:

  1. Boleh terus solat
  2. Menjaga pandangan lelaki

It feel soooo calm and safe walking in public without all the stares!

So ladies let’s together work toward this shall we? Me myself still milesss away but that’s life is all about. Becoming better everyday.

So now every time we’re browsing clothes be it at mall or over the internet, just ask 1 simple question before we buy it;

“Will Allah be please with this?”


Sebab kita kan hambaNya. Kalau tak please The Master, nak please siapa lagi?


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