Of Being Me

MasyaAllah Alhamdulillah.

All praise to Allah for allowing me to be part of this amazing conference. Definitely an eye opener, heart cleanser.

I think I have made known to everybody how excited I am to have live lecture from Yasmin Mogahed. And to actually listen she convey one after another my favorite quote from her articles and lectures really touch my heart.

Another thing that strike right into my heart is when Imam Kamal Udin recite Surah Al Rahman. SubhanaAllah. Ntah. Susah nak describe.

Too many things to improve. After all being a good muslimah is much much more that pray 5 times a day and covering your aurah, which itu pun belum sempurna lagi. It’s all about submitting. All about putting Allah in your heart, above everything else in this world. It’s all about preparing for the judgment day.

Ya Allah. May Allah grant me, my family and my friends rahmat, His bless so we all could gain His Jannah.. And may Allah keep us on the straight path and keep us away from the hellfire.


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