I seriously can’t get over this despite the turbulence and God-knows-what drama that I’m having now. It doesn’t synchronise but this song is TOO sweet.

I actually spam everybody bugging them to listen to this when suddenly a friend said;

Ehhh this is the perfect song awak nyanyi kasi ‘insert company name here’


..and I’m like…whaaaattt?

Punyaaa lah berangan putera kayangan naik kuda turun dari langit nyanyi…sekali..

Haih spoiler.

But then again, when I listen again (for the 876211587 times)…ye lah..

Agak sesuai lah jugak.

Especially when it comes to this;

And when you’re needing your space To do some navigating I’ll be here patiently waiting To see what you find

Sebab boss selalu cakap;

Sabar lah..sabaaarrr. Sekarang kita kan nak expand..memang susah sikitttt. Sabaaaar. U need to believee


Apelah nasib terpengaruh dengan kata² manis lelaki nih.  Dan apelah nasib dah main dedicate lagu dekat boss pulak nih.


But then…

Actually, sometimes it worth the wait..

Afterall Allah has plan everything is the most beautiful way. Just work hard, work for Allah and leave the rest to Him. Just leave it to Him. You’ll be surprise of how things will fall into places nicely.


Baiklah! Sambung kerja sekarang!

Lunch break ok ni. 😛


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