The 8 to 5

Meeting the crazy bunch tonight.

I used to say (or write, somewhere in this blog, maybe) that colleague will stay colleague. No personal stuff, no meet ups outside.

But oh boy. How would I know I will end up at a place where I actually look forward to meet these crazy bunch. I used to have a very good team, be it work wise or untuk bersuka ria. Our department is always the loudest. Paling kuat bila gelak, dan paling kuat dalam meeting juga.

Brainstorming is always fun. Yes we’re young, we’re inexperience and we’re trying to build something from scratch and that’s the fun part. Meeting is as simple as turning our chair and discuss. And the corporation is just amazing. Help is always there even the name is not in the cc loop.

I thought working is like that. I never realized that it is actually not, until one by one left the company and new blood came in.

And it’s just not the same anymore. It’s still fun, but just not same.

And I never realize that I will actually missed them until we don’t see each other everyday anymore.

apparently it’s not just colleague. Yes we fight, we disagree. Well, like a lot. But there’s this spirit, that hold us together.

And it turn out I’m not the only one who feel this way when my boss came the other day and said;

‘I want the old team back’

… which I reply…

‘Ha tu lah dulu ada tanak jaga! Kan dah lari semua!’

Hehe. Komfem menyesal mamat tu buat statement feeling².

But yeah people have to move on. For various reason. But I think it’s not impossible to gather them back.

One day.

Maybe not now. But maybe one day.


And I just couldn’t thank Allah enough for sending these amazing people, that made my 8 to 5 is not just punching in and out.


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